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Like Dreamers, My Promise Land

Two acclaimed new books about Israel betray a disquieting lack of moral confidence in their subject and its story. A further casualty of Shavit's book is journalism’s commitment to truth. Forecasts of doom are glaringly absent just where they are needed—and nowhere more so than in the section where Shavit...

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Gelvin's book exemplifies the colonialist narrative, which denies the central role of religious ideology and ethnic bigotry as the source of enduring Arab-Islamic enmity toward the Jewish state. It ignores or dismisses as irrelevant the torrent of hateful rhetoric directed at Jews in mosques, schools, bookstores, television, newspapers and from...

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Arab Voices

As James Zogby says, what the Arab voices are saying to us certainly matters. However, Zogby's Arab Voices largely ignores the most ominous Arab (and other Muslim) voices – those of crowds from London to Aden screaming in unison “Jihad, Jihad” and “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”– including...

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Body of Secrets

In this recent book, James Bamford argues that during the Six Day War, Israel intentionally attacked a US spy ship, the USS Liberty. Bamford's unreliable evidence and illogical argumentation further discredit his claim.

22 minute read

Palestine: Peace not Apartheid

Former President Carter's book was fraught with falsehoods about and misrepresentations of Israel, yielding much criticism. CAMERA has compiled a more detailed and inclusive list of factual errors from Carter’s book and media appearances.

24 minute read

Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told about Israel and the Palestinians

Rev. Dr. Burge's book is a compendium of factual errors, misstatements, omissions and distortions that portray the modern state of Israel in an inaccurate manner. These inaccuracies include incorrect quotations, false portrayals of how Israel treats her Arab citizens, and mischaracterizations of terrorist organizations. The judgement of those who published...

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