24 minute read

Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told about Israel and the Palestinians

Rev. Dr. Burge's book is a compendium of factual errors, misstatements, omissions and distortions that portray the modern state of Israel in an inaccurate manner. These inaccuracies include incorrect quotations, false portrayals of how Israel treats her Arab citizens, and mischaracterizations of terrorist organizations. The judgement of those who published...

8 minute read

The Invention of the Jewish People

In his book, Sand's mission is to prove invalid the foundation of Zionism – the idea of a Jewish state built on a Jewish ancestral homeland — and to promote instead the idea of a single non-Jewish state of Arabs and Jews. He undermines the legitimacy of the Jewish state...

< 1 minute read

The Israel Test

Hostility toward Jews and Israel is rooted in envy. Gilder bluntly asserts that Jews do well in capitalist economies because of their commitment to learning and achievement, rooted in their adherence to ethical monotheism.

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