Ben Gurion University

Sara Goel is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at Ben Gurion University studying Middle Eastern Studies and Conflict Resolution. She is passionate about Israel advocacy and has devoted her studies to deepening her knowledge on the roots of the conflict. As an immigrant to Israel from the United States who served in the IDF she feels that she can understand the mindset of both Israelis and Americans and and can effectively make the Israeli narrative more accessible to American university students.

Binghamton University

Eden Jafar is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and a proud, outspoken leader of the Zionist cause and spreading the truth and successes of Israel. Coming from Great Neck, New York, Eden has deep and profound experience with pro-Israel advocacy, leading two tour groups, taking a gap semester at a Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and having the amazing opportunity to participate in Onward Israel and intern in Jerusalem last summer. In addition, he hopes to eventually serve in the IDF and raise a family in the holy land one day. He now spearheads multiple Israel and Jewish causes at Binghamton University, paving the way for a greater future.

Boston University

Nicole Shamash is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and senior at Boston University aspiring to become a speech-language pathologist. She is a keen advocate for Israel and is proactive in educating others on campus about important facts and tackling misinformation. Nicole is extremely passionate and motivated to inform others as well as engage in meaningful dialogue.

Brooklyn College

Isabelle Guillemain (Elisheva) is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and passionate Zionist at Brooklyn College. Isabelle believes that seeking the truth is key to understanding Israel from political, religious, or social lenses. In her spare time, Isabelle enjoys writing, reading, and creating music.

Carleton University

Austin Pellizzer is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from Ottawa, Ontario. Adopted from Russia, Austin has always had an interest in politics and discovered a love for Israel. As an active member of the pro-Israel campus community for over 2.5 years, Austin is excited to continue his journey with CAMERA On Campus.

Case Western Reserve University

Isabel Davidson is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at Case Western Reserve University. Earning a degree in psycholinguistics, she focuses on the psychological rhetoric used in political propaganda. In addition to her studies, she works as the operations manager of the student center as well as a marketing executive for the research administration. When she is not studying or working, she is either at the university Chabad house, playing music as the lead singer of a local rock cover band, or creating kosher and ketogenic recipes for a blog.

Clark University

Monica Sager is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from Clark University. She is striving toward a double major in psychology and a self-designed major in journalism, hoping to become an investigative journalist. Monica has also been published in her school’s newspaper, The Scarlet, as well as her school’s chapter of Her Campus. She has written for her hometown paper, The Pottstown Mercury, as well as Worcester’s Telegram and Gazette. When she is not writing, Monica loves going on adventures with her friends, reading, and running.

Columbia University

Marc Cohen is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from New Jersey. Upon graduating high school in 2014, Marc spent a year and a half learning at Yeshiva University in Jerusalem. Following his studies, he enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces’ Kfir Brigade, serving as a combat soldier in the West Bank. After his release from the IDF, Marc enrolled in Columbia University where he is currently a junior studying economics and political science.

Cornell University

Danielle Mimeles is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from northern New Jersey at Cornell University majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations and is on a pre-law track. She is a former high school intern for StandWithUs, and fellow with Write On for Israel- New York. Danielle is involved with Cornellians for Israel, her pre-law fraternity, and her social sorority. In her free time she loves to play tennis and eat sushi.

Duke University

Ben Stone is a 2020-2021 CAMERA on Campus Fellow at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Ben grew up in NYC, Philadelphia and Paris, but considers himself a New Yorker. As a CAMERA fellow last year, Ben focused on many issues regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially the lies spread by SJP chapters or professors based in the Research Triangle area. Ben is also a varsity athlete on the Duke fencing team and has represented the USA at many international competitions over the last 5 years, including the 2017 Maccabiah Games in Israel, where he brought back a gold medal with Team USA

Florida International University

Julian Michanie is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julian moved to the United States at the age of 2.  Majoring in Political Science at Florida International University, he aims for a career in journalism. He was the Health and Science editor his junior year of high school and promoted to News editor in his senior year.

George Mason University

Sean Culley is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from Richmond, Virginia. A student at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA studying Government and International Politics. After engaging with the several Jewish communities on campus, he felt a drive to further his learning in his identity and relationship to Israel. Among his greatest ambitions are to hold media organizations accountable for the role they play in spreading misinformation about Israel.

Hampshire College

Sebastian Albert-Aranovich is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachussetts, where he has designed his own curriculum to focus on 20th-century European History and Jewish studies. An avid motorcycle geek who spends his free time exploring mountains, deserts, and California coast on his bike, Sebastian also loves seafood, welding, and Daniel Gordis.

IDC Herzliya

Sandra Marcushamer is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from IDC, Herzliya, who is highly interested in negotiation strategies and diplomacy. She was born in Texas and eventually moved to Israel in efforts to further learn and sympathize with the realities and challenges in the Middle East. She aspires to one day make a profound impact that that paves a path towards peace in the region. In IDC, she runs a branch of Reservists on Duty and Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Lastly, Sandra hopes to continue speaking up for truth and transparency, as it is the only way to bring about trust among nations.

IDC Herzliya

Victoria Feher is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow entering her third year studying Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya in Israel. Victoria was bored and raised in Edmonton, Canada and made Aliyah at the age of sixteen to Israel. In the IDF, she served as a Sergeant in Field Intelligence on the Syrian border. Upon her release, Victoria was an emissary for the Jewish Agency for Israel in Los Angeles, California. At IDC, Victoria is active in the Debate club, Model United Nations and Reservists on Duty. She currently interns at ACT.IL and at the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy. Upon graduating, Victoria hopes to work for the Israeli Mission at the United Nations

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Tzvia Waronker is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow studying at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Majoring in forensic psychology, Tzvia aims to join the cause of prison reform. Tzvia has volunteered at Yale New Haven Health hospital and plans to assist the NYPD auxiliary unit. In 2018/19 Tzvia directed/co-directed two short films about the power of perspective.

King’s College London

Sharon Cohen is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow, born in Paris but grew up between France, Israel, Singapore and the UK. She studies Politics, Philosophy and Law at King’s College London and is the President of the Israel Society. Aside from her Zionist fight, Sharon is constantly arguing (and constantly right), eternally in a quest to find the best restaurants in the city and always waiting for her next trip to Tel Aviv!

Leeds Beckett

Elliot Bloom is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from Manchester, studying Politics in Leeds, who has a great passion for Israel! He is motivated to educate all on the various positives of the great country, as well as being keen to allow the truth to prevail when it comes to the conflict. He’s also really funny, to be honest.

University College London (UCL)

Tamar Klajman is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at University College London where she is studying Law. Despite being a citizen of three different countries she considers Israel her true home and decided to spend her gap year there, volunteering and touring the land. Tamar was president of the Israel Society at her high school and is the current Events Officer of the Friends of Israel Society at UCL.

McGill University

Jordana Schiff is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and fourth year student at McGill University with a double major in Political Science and Islamic Studies and a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. She is the incoming president for her Israel on Campus club. Jordana plans on pursuing a masters in security studies and making Aliyah when she graduates McGill.

McGill University

Sophie Sklar is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at McGill University, studying History and World Religions with a minor in Judaic Studies. Sophie is a student executive for Chabad at McGill University, and a student executive for the McGill Religious Studies Undergraduate Society. She has used her time in these positions to share her perspectives with a wide variety of students. She volunteered for Shurat HaDin, a law firm and human rights NGO in Ramat Gan, Israel during the summer of 2019. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in International law.

McMaster University

Ezra Nadler is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from Toronto, Ontario. After graduating from TanenbaumCHAT in 2017, he participated in the Hevruta Gap-Year program at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. He is currently in his third year of the Arts and Science program at McMaster University, minoring in Psychology. In his spare time, Ezra plays hockey, and loves to read, hike, and explore new places.

Northeastern University

Elie Codron is a  2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow from Brussels, Belgium. After 9th grade, he moved to South Florida with his family to live the American dream. After two months struggling with English, Elie decided to start getting more involved in the Jewish and pro-Israel community by joining NCSY and later AIPAC. Thanks to the trust of his peers, he got many different leadership positions in diverse organizations that allowed him to achieve a lot for the pro-Israel and Jewish community, especially in South Florida. He then decided to spend a year in Israel at Yeshiva Orayta in Jerusalem before starting college. This year allowed him to learn more about Judaism, himself, and the State of Israel. Today, Elie is a student at Northeastern University studying International Affairs, Entrepreneurship, and Data Sciences. He was the president of the pro-Israel club, Huskies for Israel, this past year, and just finished interning for the Israeli mission at the United Nations.

Northeastern University

Harrison Garcia is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and is a premed student at Northeastern University, pursuing a double major in biology and business. He’s also a proud Puerto Rican Jew, a proud member of the queer community, and a proud Zionist. He’s into plant-based foods, the cinema, and public health, and hopes to someday help fix healthcare in America.

Northeastern University

Avital Brodski is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and fourth year Environmental Science and Media & Screen Studies student at Northeastern University. Born in Israel, she has grown up to be a proud Israeli and aims to be a maccabi for Israel and Jews everywhere. Her dream in life is to become the next David Attenborough and to create environmental documentaries.

San Diego State University

Jared Levine is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at San Diego State University majoring in Political Science from Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Glendale, CA as one of the few Jewish students in the school district. Overcoming years of bullying and discrimination, Jared is passionate about inclusivity and embracing people from all walks of life. Attending SDSU, a university with a vibrant Jewish community and pro-Israel community, impassioned Jared to adapt these efforts to the university campus. A recent trip to Israel made Jared feel right at home.

Stanford University

Stephen Sills is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow. Stephen comes from a Chinese and Mexican-American background. Growing up struggling with homeless and housing insecurity, Stephen came from humble circumstances to excel in high school and attend Stanford University. Having moved more times than he can count, Stephen has had the opportunity to interact with a diverse plurality of different communities over the course of his life. Being fluent in both Spanish and Mandarin, Stephen currently serves as an advocate for conservative values and principles as a leader of a conservative group at Stanford. In his free time Stephen enjoys sealing the Word, as well as reading and writing creative fiction. He plans to major in History and Philosophy, and attend law school to obtain a J.D. in Constitutional and International Law.

Syracuse University

Justine Brooke Murray is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at Syracuse University, where she is pursuing double majors in political science and citizenship & civic engagement. Justine is a correspondent for Campus Reform and has been published in the Algemeiner. She works for the Prager University Video Production Committee and reports for CitrusTV, the student television station at Syracuse University. Additionally, Justine worked as an intern for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during the last two years of his administration, where she witnessed him sign a bill that made New Jersey the tenth state to adopt a formal anti-BDS policy, punishing companies that engage in financial efforts to undermine Israel.

The George Washington University

Sarah Schornstein is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and Junior at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. Sarah is from Manalapan, NJ and is pursuing a career in International Media. Sarah has a history in Israel advocacy as she served as Co-Education Chair for GW for Israel, interned for AIPAC, Jaffe Strategies in Israel and more. Outside of Israel advocacy, Sarah is the Associate Producer of a GW-TV show known as District Debrief, she is the Co-Shabbat Chair for GW Hillel and she is part of the International Committee for GW Class Council.

Tulane University

Joshua Crommie is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow majoring in Jewish Studies at Tulane University in New Orleans Louisiana. Originally from San Rafael California, Joshua is passionate about Israel advocacy on campus and enjoys starting dialogue around Israel and other aspects of Jewish life. In addition to Israel advocacy, Joshua is a member of the Tulane cycling team and competes throughout the Southern United States.

University of Arkansas

Nathanael Harris is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow majoring in industrial engineering, economics, and minoring in Spanish. He was born and raised in Springdale, Arkansas. Nathanael is passionate about Israel, and wants to do all that he can to grow the pro-Israel community. He is the founder and President of Razorbacks for Israel, and his goal on campus is to educate students on the benefit of a relationship with Israel.

University of California – Berkeley

Maya Reuven is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at the University of California – Berkeley studying economics and data science. Maya serves as vice president of Bears for Israel and as an executive board member of Tikvah: The Zionist Voice at Berkeley, two pro-Israel groups on campus. She also writes for the Berkeley Political Review, and is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.

University of Birmingham

Anthony Bolchover is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow studying Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, but in his spare time he has a keen interest in exploring and further understanding the political situation surrounding Israel, as well as the wider Middle East region. He has been to the country several times, and plans on immigrating there in the foreseeable future.

University of Buffalo

Chloe Greenfield is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and recent graduate of East Carolina University with a Bachelors in Health Fitness Specialist. She is now working towards her Masters in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo. Chloe has been working as an activist for Israel for over 6 years by leading both her high school and college pro-Israel organizations. Spearheading over 30 events in the last 4 years, she is excited to be part of the CAMERA team as she makes a voice for all pro-Israel students at the University at Buffalo over the next two years.

University of California, Davis

Eden Bouskila is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and second-year economics student at UC Davis. He was born in San Francisco, California but was raised in a small town in the East Bay called Brentwood. Eden has a strong passion for his Jewish and Israeli background. He began his Jewish education at Chabad of the Delta in his hometown. His hobbies include fitness, stock trading, and cooking. Eden is part of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and plans to go into finance after graduating from UC Davis.

University of California, San Diego

Benjamin Zaghi is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow at the University of California San Diego, with a bachelors degree in Political Science. After graduation he hopes to take a gap year and live in Israel before continuing his education at a law school. When he isn’t studying for exams or planning events for his pro Israel group on campus he loves to play sports and go on hikes.

University of California – San Diego

Bianca Kermani is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and third-year international studies and linguistics major on a premedical school track at UC San Diego. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Bianca grew up with incredibly strong ties to the Jewish homeland, as her mother sought refuge there amidst the turmoil of the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

University of Delaware

Oryah Lahijani is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and incoming Sophomore at the University of Delaware majoring in Construction Engineering and Management. Born and raised in Delaware, Oryah has a passion for Israel and being a leader in the Jewish Community a priority in her diverse professional pursuits. After spending the summer in Israel interning for Hebrew University as a social media and marketing intern. She decided to head to NYC for the year to take an internship in Commercial Real Estate and further on got an internship for a Israeli Hummus company.

University of Florida

Phoenix Berman is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and second-year International Studies major with a concentration in Mass Communication and Europe. She previously worked as an international affairs reporter from Brussels, Belgium covering human rights, religious freedom, and European politics. Phoenix is an active member of the UF European Union club and the UF Hungarian club.

University of Miami

Shannan Berzack is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and senior at the University of Miami studying Microbiology and Immunology with an immense passion and devotion to the State of Israel. She started Canes for Israel on her campus and has been president for the past 2 years.

Yeshiva University

Abigail Winokur is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and second-year student at Yeshiva University from Queens, New York. She is currently majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in creative writing. She is passionate about writing, advocating for Israel, and loves to cook. She is thrilled to be a part of this fellowship and looks forward to making an impact on her campus and beyond.

University of Oklahoma

Joseph Howard is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and junior at the University of Oklahoma. He went to high school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is from San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Howard is majoring in international relations and was recently accepted into an accelerated master’s program at his university, where he is passionate in his studies of global security, diplomacy, and democratization. Besides being politically involved on campus in a number of organizations, Mr. Howard is strongly committed to community service and civic duty. Mr. Howard is a Cadet in the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps and intends to commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force after graduation.

University of Pennsylvania

Jesse Fox is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics).Jesse went to college knowing he’d want to stay involved with Israel activities. Throughout his time at Penn, he has planned and directed Israel Week, Penn’s largest series of Israel events.Jesse has also planned educational events through MEOR and the China-Israel Connection club. During his sophomore year, he was an Emerson Fellow for StandWithUs.

University of Pennsylvania

Sophia Rodney is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and rising Senior at the University of Pennsylvania. She is majoring in Communication, concentrating in Critical Journalism and minoring in Political Science. She is the co-president of Penn’s Jewish Heritage Programs where she helps Jewish students engage in Jewish philanthropy and networking and learn about Israel and the Jewish religion. She also is a member of the College Dean’s Advisory Board, which works with the Dean to enact positive change in the Penn community. She hopes to pursue journalism after graduation and help make media coverage of Israel and the Middle East more balanced.

University of Pittsburg

Joshua Beylinson is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and junior political science student at Pitt. He writes primarily about Jewish issues, domestic political issues and American foreign policy. He is very passionate about Zionism and wants to go to law school after completing his undergraduate degree.

University of Pittsburg

Aidan Segal is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and senior majoring in English Writing and Jewish Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Aidan is active in the Jewish community on campus, often working closely with Hillel JUC and Chabad on Campus, as well as a staff writer for the Opinions section of the Pitt News. In 2019, Aidan was selected to speak at the Anti-Semitism on Campus Today (ACT) Conference in front of 300 students from across the United States about his experiences with Anti-Semitism as a member of Tree of Life synagogue, and growing up in a pred ominantly non-Jewish area. After graduation, Aidan hopes to work as a columnist for a Jewish publication or in Israel advocacy.

University of York, UK

Ethan Dayan is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and second-year university student studying Philosophy and Politics, with extensive experience in research and essay-writing. He specialises in domestic and international politics with a focus on Israel and the middle east backed by training in politics, law and various self-motivated academic endeavours. He is an active member of groups such as Model UN, debating, negotiation society and philosophy society. Through these mediums, he works to keep up to date in these subjects and exercise his skills to the best of his ability as a student and writer.

York University

Avi Feygin is a 2020-2021 CAMERA Fellow and engineering student at York University. He is currently working on various projects related both to his engineering degree and the global and local political situation regarding Israel.

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