Hali Spiegel is Campus Director for CAMERA. A South Florida native, Hali received her B.A. in Cinema Studies and a minor in Mass Communications at the University of Central Florida, where she served as President of the CAMERA on Campus Coalition group, Knights for Israel. Hali manages Campus Department in North America and works to advise and educate students. She loves teaching hands-on techniques to help Israel campus groups succeed. She can be reached by email at hali@camera.org.

Douglas Sandoval is Managing Director for CAMERA on Campus. A writer and public speaker, Douglas is a graduate of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. Douglas’s passion for Zionism is deeply influenced by his inner-city upbringing, interest in philosophy and religion, and many trips to Israel. Douglas may be reached at douglas@camera.org.

Sasha Chernyak is the Content and Campaigns Manager for CAMERA on Campus.  Originally from Russia, she grew up in Portland, Maine, from age 9. She received her bachelor’s of arts degree in liberal studies from Bay Path University in Longmeadow, MA, where she minored in history with a specific focus on Israel and international relations. During her freshman year of college, she started a blog that focused on supporting Israel and fighting misinformation. She has worked in civics education and loves working with young people and empowering them to become strong thinkers and strong advocates. She can be reached at sasha@camera.org.

Sam Price is the Social Media Manager for CAMERA on Campus. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an Architecture Minor in 2021.  Sam has more than six years of experience exploring areas including graphic design, architecture, product design, and animation in academic, professional, and freelance settings. He aims to use his design background to develop CAMERA’s public outreach strategy further, composing engaging visual content to counteract the inaccurate representations of Israel that are all too prolific on digital platforms. Sam manages an independent creative practice in his free time, offering freelance design consulting and artwork commissions. Sam can be reached at sam@camera.org.

Adam Gordon is Campus Advisor for CAMERA on Campus. Originally from the greater Boston area, Adam recently graduated from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

With a Zionist upbringing, Adam took a sharp interest in the Middle East from a young age and has spent time living and working in Israel. At age 14, Adam became aware of the unfair and unbalanced coverage Israel receives in the media. While studying at UMass, Adam spoke out against bias and misinformation, leading efforts to educate his peers on where to find honest, fact-based reporting on Israel and the Middle East.

From his own experiences dealing with anti-Zionism on campus, Adam hopes to give the tools and resources necessary for the next generation of students to lead this fight. He can be reached at adam@camera.org.

Walter Holzberg is Campus Advisor for CAMERA on Campus. Walter grew up in the New York Metro Area and received his B.S in Public Affairs from CUNY Baruch College. While in school, Walter interned in the offices of several New York City and State officials. These rewarding experiences in politics inspired Walter to help combat the de-legitimization of Israel and to work on behalf of the Jewish people. Walter can be reached at walt@camera.org.

Aaron Goren is a Campus Advisor for CAMERA on Campus. Born in Maine, Aaron recently completed three years of IDF Service in the Sayeret Givati unit. Before his service, Aaron attended the University of Vermont, graduating with a B.S. in Public Communications in 2019. Aaron can be reached at aaron@camera.org.


Tom Yohay is Campus Advisor for CAMERA On Campus Israel. Studying International Relations and Geopolitics at Ben Gurion University, Tom has always maintained an interest in learning about other cultures and sharing about his own. Tom can be reached at tom@camera.org.

Christina Jones is Communications Associate for CAMERA UK.  Born and raised in Scotland to Canadian parents, Christina obtained her BA from Glasgow University and MA from Tel Aviv University. It was while at Tel Aviv University that she became more involved in Israel Advocacy. She has since worked in Israel advocacy for 5 + years and has previously worked at the Embassy of Israel in London for two and a half years as the Assistant for Inter-communal Affairs within the Public Diplomacy Department. Christina returned to Scotland in March 2020 and re-opened the Centre for Scotland and Israel Relations in August 2020 on the behalf of the Embassy of Israel to the UK.  Christina can be reached at christina@camera.org.

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