Aviva Rosenschein is CAMERA’s International Campus Director. Aviva is a Boston native and received her B.A. in journalism from the University of Massachusetts. She moved to Israel in 2013. Aviva oversees the campus department, developing and implementing unique programs and content for universities reaching from Alaska to London.  She also focuses on expanding international operations, and providing training and guidance to students. She has been published in the Jewish Chronicle, the Jerusalem Post, the Washington Free Beacon, and has appeared on Israel Hayom and ILTV. She can be reached at aviva@camera.org.

Hali Haber is the Director of Campus Programming and Strategic Relationships for CAMERA. A South Florida native, Hali received her B.A. in Cinema Studies and a minor in Mass Communications at the University of Central Florida, where she served as President of CAMERA-supported group Knights for Israel. Hali manages the CAMERA on Campus team in the US, and works to advise and educate students. She loves teaching hands-on techniques to help Israel campus groups succeed. She can be reached by email at hali@camera.org.

Lia Lands is the Communications Manager of CAMERA’s Israel office. In addition, she manages public relations and marketing for CAMERA on Campus in the US and UK. Lia graduated with honors from the University of Victoria and holds a B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration. In 2014, she moved to Israel. After making aliyah, she spent several months with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, working to strengthen Israel’s ties with parliaments around the world. Lia can be reached by email at lia@camera.org.

Alex Rittenberg is CAMERA’s Campus Advisor and Events Coordinator.  Originally from Atlanta, Alex graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Education with a focus in Sociology.  She also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and worked on a kibbutz in Haifa, allowing her to connect with people from Israel and the Middle East. At OSU, Alex was heavily involved with CAMERA-supported group Buckeyes for Israel, Protect OSU and Chabad on Campus.  She can be reached by email at alexa@camera.org.

Douglas Sandoval is a Campus Advisor for CAMERA on Campus. He is a writer, public speaker and leader in the Hispanic Evangelical community. A recent graduate from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California, Douglas’s passion and zeal for Zionism is deeply influenced by his diverse inner-city upbringing, Central American roots, and desire to empower students on and off campuses to rediscover their shared Judeo-Christian roots. 

Sasha Chernyak is a Campus Advisor for CAMERA on Campus.  Originally from Russia, she grew up in Portland, Maine from age 9. She received her bachelor’s of arts degree in liberal studies from Bay Path University in Longmeadow, MA, where she minored in history with a specific focus on Israel and international relations. During her freshman year of college, she started a blog that focused on supporting Israel and fighting misinformation. She has worked in civics education and loves working with young people and empowering them to become strong thinkers and strong advocates. She can be reached at sasha@camera.org.

Yoni Michanie is CAMERA’s Campus Advisor and Strategic Planner. He is a writer, speaker, activist, former IDF Paratrooper and opinion columnist for the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel. Yoni’s writing has also been published at The Forward and The Algemeiner. He holds an MA in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution from IDC Hertzeliya, and addresses the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts through the lenses of academia based on his personal experiences. He can be reached at yoni@camera.org.

Zac Schildcrout is CAMERA’s Campus Advisor and Online Editor. He grew up in Detroit and received his B.A. in psychology with honors from the University of Michigan, where he also minored in music and applied statistics. Zac became especially interested in accurate Israel reporting after noticing an increase in the popularity of the BDS campaign on his campus, inspiring him to advocate publicly for a fair and accurate representation of Israel’s thriving democracy. He enjoys writing Op-Eds on different issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has completed an academic paper on the psychological mechanisms that drive passionate advocacy for one side or another. He can be reached at zac@camera.org

Georgia Leigha Leatherdale Gilholy is a CAMERA on Campus UK Associate. She recently graduated with a BA in history from King’s College London and will begin an MA in Medieval and Renaissance studies at University College London in September 2019. Her interest in news and history relating to the Middle East began in high school, where she became aware of the British education system’s lack of transparent and accurate information on these topics. She has been interviewed by ITV News London, The Telegraph, and has written for a number of print and online publications. She can be reached at georgia@camera.org.

Khulan Davajaav is a CAMERA on Campus UK Associate and a student at SOAS University of London studying International Relations. Her passion for accurate reporting on Israel began with writing a blog in high school as part of Cemach competition organised by the Czech Ministry of Education. In her first year of degree, Khulan coordinated several Israel-related events balancing the narratives with accurate information on her campus which is known to be the most biased campus against Israel in Europe. She has been interviewed by many media outlets, including the BBC and Ynet. Khulan can be reached at khulan@camera.org

Natalia Orenstein is a CAMERA on Campus UK Associate. She is a comparative literature student at Queen Mary University of London. She was also the Jewish and Israel Society co-president for the 2018-2019 school year. Natalia took her first steps on Jerusalem stone, and since then has held a steadfast love for Israel. Born in America and raised in London since then, she is proud to be an advocate for her third home: Israel. When she’s not writing papers about Kafka and Freud, Natalia can be found baking, watching Nora Ephron movies, or eating shawarma with her friends. She can be reached at ngutman@camera.org.

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