Is BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions campaign) going to boycott Google now that they bought Waze for one billion dollars?

BDS activists often spend their time trying to boycott Israeli grown oranges, hummus, Soda Stream and Ahava skin care products. If they want to be consistent, they should be boycotting a company that is a substantial part of Israel’s economy such as Google. But they will not, because that would be inconveniencing their life.

One must wonder if universities seeking to pass BDS movements are ready to fully embody that misguided plot. Are universities prepared to boycott Google as well? Not to mention that BDS campaign is based on mistruths aimed at unfairly demonize Israel.

The blog Zion Square explains:

“In any event, how does the BDS Movement stand Israel’s Independence Day being celebrated on Google? Obviously they need to boycott Google immediately – stop searching using Google, delete their gmail accounts, stop using YouTube, stop blogging on Blogger, stop using Google Reader, stop using Google Translate, stop using the Chrome browser, and stop using Android phones.

For search they can switch to Bing. Wait, no, Microsoft built their first overseas research center in Israel more than two decades ago. Scratch Bing. BDSers should also stop using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Skype (bought by Microsoft last year), Hotmail and all other Microsoft products.

Maybe for search they can use Yahoo? Not if they mind that Yahoo has an R&D office in Haifa.”

By Gilad Skolnick

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