AMHERST, Mass. – The following is a statement from University of Massachusetts Amherst Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy regarding the call for an academic boycott of Israel:

“The University of Massachusetts Amherst is opposed to academic boycotts of any kind. The current boycott of academic institutions in Israel by several academic associations is no exception. While individuals have the right to express their views, we believe that academic boycotts undermine the fundamental principles of free expression and inquiry that are central to our mission of teaching, research and service.”


We wrote to our alma mater. Below is their response and our letter. Write to your current university or alma mater to find out their reaction to the ASA boycott.


Dear Ms. Aviva,

Chancellor Subbaswamy has asked me to respond to your recent inquiry.  The Chancellor’s statement on the boycott can be found at


Susan Pearson

Associate Chancellor

University of Massachusetts Amherst

301 Whitmore Administration Building

Amherst, MA  01003


January 6, 2014

Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy

Office of the Chancellor

UMass Amherst

374 Whitmore Building

Amherst MA 01003


Dear Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy,

As proud Alumnae of UMass Amherst, we were shocked and saddened to read that seven professors from our alma mater had endorsed the boycott of Israeli academia brought by the American Studies Association (ASA). These professors include: Professor Mary Wilson, Professor Ruth Jennison, Professor Jordana Rosenberg, Professor Hoang Phan, Professor Gina Ocasion, Professor Asha Nadkarni and Professor Agustin Lao Montes. This abhorrent and discriminatory boycott, which singles out Israeli scholars specifically because of their identity, has been condemned by over 100 American Universities. We urge you to join your colleagues who refuse to stand idly by when an entire nation is maliciously attacked. Do not let the reputation of UMass Amherst be defined by a few who deem it acceptable to impose institutional censorship.

We thank you in advance for your statement of condemnation of the ASA boycott, a virulent hate decree against the Jewish state.


Aviva Slomich                              Gilad Skolnick

UMass Amherst ’08                      UMass Amherst ’06

Hila Tabib                                    Rafael Yagudin

UMass Amherst ’08                      UMass Amherst ’08

Deena Neustadter Mindel            Allison Medoff

UMass Amherst ’08                     UMass Amherst ’08

Rebecca Barkai Ovadia                Jonathan Bress

UMass Amherst ’08                     UMass Amherst ’08

Morris Singer                              Joel Menasha

UMass Amherst ’06                     UMass Amherst ’06

Steven M. Spiegel                           Raphael Lior

UMass Amherst ’06                        UMass Amherst ’10

Helena Slomich Bloomingdale      Joshua Slomich

UMass Amherst ’99                     UMass Amherst ’95

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