At a time when there is rampant false reporting about Israel’s war with Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, it is important that academia monitor the actions of their faculty members as they are influencing the next generation of leaders.

However in the US, unrestrained lecturers are spreading delusions and falsehoods including that Israel is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

One such lecturer is a law professor at the University of California, Dr. Khaled Abu Al-Fadel.  On a video published by the Usuli Institute earlier this month Al-Fadel said that “some of the worst massacres committed against Palestinians in Gaza are by Indian soldiers, the servants of the Israeli army.”

First of all, Israel did not and is not committing any massacre in Gaza, a massacre is an event of killing people who are not involved in hostilities or who are defenseless and is usually used to describe the targeted killing of civilians en masse by an armed group.

Contrary to the claims about the Israeli massacre, the targets of Israel from the very beginning of the war focused on eliminating the military and political infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hamas and freeing the captives that Hamas returned after the murderous terrorist attack of October 7th, 2023.

On October 7th, the world witnessed the massacre of 1,200 Israelis including women, children, and the elderly and the kidnapping of 243 people. Also among the victims are tourists from other countries.

Dr. Khaled Abu al-Fadel conveniently does not mention that of the 1,200 people that Hamas terrorists murdered on 10/7 include 24 Arabs (19 of them Bedouins), and that there are 9 Bedouins kidnapped by Hamas.

Genocide” refers to the complete or partial physical erasure of a target group based on its identity. Israel has no intention of pursuing such a goal in Gaza. The war is directed solely against Hamas, an organization that advocates the elimination of the State of Israel and the extermination of the Jews.

This is genocide.

More than that, according to Razi Hamed, a senior Hamas official, Hamas intends to carry out terrorist attacks like October 7th again and again until Israel is destroyed.

In contrast, Israel has no intention of destroying the Palestinian people or the population of Gaza. The term “genocide” would only apply if there was a deliberate effort to eliminate the entire Palestinian population. Israeli leaders have consistently emphasized that their military action in Gaza is focused solely on the fight against the terrorist organization Hamas, which has a significant number of 30,000 soldiers.

As Dr. Galit Rajwan pointed out, before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the State of Israel maintains a policy to warn Palestinians in Gaza to evacuate southward from the fighting areas. In response, Hamas has threatened them to stay to hinder Israel’s efforts to root out the genocidal terrorist organization out of the Gaza Strip by putting civilians at risk.

Despite giving up a strategic advantage, the IDF distributed information to the residents of Gaza through flyers, calls and other means about humanitarian crossings, which later Hamas blocked and harmed the Gazans who tried to cross.

From Israel, Hamas steals from the Gazans in order to continue fueling its terror machine.

I have not heard a single word of criticism about the use of human shields by Hamas from Dr. Khaled Abu al-Fadel. Apparently, he does not really care about Palestinians as much as he says he does.

Regarding the ridiculous claim that soldiers from India serve in the IDF, the IDF has Israeli soldiers and women from a multitude of religions and origins: Jews, Druze, Christians, Muslims and Circassians.

Anyone who wants to join the IDF outside of Israel must be an Israeli citizen for all intents and purposes, which means that he must be Jewish on one side of the grandparents in order to be able to comply with the Law of Return.

In addition to this, there is no documentation of any kind that Indians simply joined the IDF and took part in the battles in Gaza.

If this is a paltry attempt to bring the Pakistani-Indian conflict into discussion let’s remember that in the Arab-Israeli conflict the Palestinians and their leadership go against the right of the State of Israel to exist. Although Israel was willing to give up almost 94% of the West Bank for the establishment of a Palestinian state in 2008, after it had already left Gaza in 2005, the Palestinian leadership refused an agreement that could have brought an end to the conflict. This isn’t a territorial dispute as is the case with the Kashmir region. This is a fight for existence.

Regarding Dr. Khaled Abu Al-Fadel’s claim “that Israel is giving lessons in ethnic cleansing”, Israel did not carry out ethnic cleansing in 1948.

After Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948, the leaders of the Arab countries used propaganda to scare or convince Palestinians to flee the country, thus they created and took advantage of the Palestinian refugee crisis that we are experiencing to this day.

Even now, Israel is doing everything it can to limit civilian casualties in Gaza by encouraging civilians from the Northern Gaza Strip to migrate South to avoid harming them. Those citizens are expected to return to the area where they lived, such a migration is not permanent.

At the end of last year, in another live broadcast on the Usuli channel, republished by Mmri TV, where Al-Fadel compared Israelis to Nazis.

According to him, “The Germans blamed the Jews for their massacre. The Germans insisted that what they did in the countries they conquered was not their fault. It was always the fault of the conquered. “Subhuman, something less than human, just like the narrative and language of the Nazis.”

There is nothing more hypocritical than this statement by Al-Fadel, that after Israel experienced the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Al-Fadel dares to make such a demonic comparison that is so blatantly antisemitic.

If anything, it is Hamas and the Nazis that have much in common, namely the mutual call for the extermination of Jews.

There are also records that the book Mein Kampf written by Adolf Hitler was found translated into Arabic in Gaza. Let us also remember that the Palestinian education system in Gaza openly teaches the demonization of Jews.

Not only does Hamas brainwash Palestinians, they also use despicable tactics to keep Palestinians opposed to their agenda from speaking out.

When one of the senior Hamas officials, Abu Marzouk, was asked in an interview why Hamas did not also build shelters for the residents of Gaza, he replied “It is the UN’s responsibility to protect them and Israel’s responsibility to provide them with services”.

The irony is that Dr. Khaled Abu Al-Fadel’s areas of expertise are human rights and Islamic law, but it seems that he has no decency to report and cover the current war as it is by ignoring the most important facts: Hamas are the ones who violated the ceasefire with Israel on October 7th.

Furthermore, Hamas committed crimes against humanity in Israelis in a manner similar to ISIS, if not more severe, Hamas uses Gaza citizens and civilian facilities, including hospitals, schools and mosques as terrorist infrastructure, this is another violation of international law among many.

This is what Israel is fighting against. It is shameful that UCLA would allow a professor affiliated with their academic institution to spread such evil and vile tropes.

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