Everyone has seen videos from AJ+ popping up on their Facebook feed – but this week gave us a reminder of just who AJ+, who are a subsidiary of the Qatari government news channel Al Jazeera, really are.

Firstly, on Saturday, Al Jazeera English, tweeted one of the most disgraceful pieces of anti-Semitism in recent memory. In response to President Trump leaving the Paris Accord on climate change, they tweeted this.

This is every anti-Semitic trope possible, mixed into one hyper anti-Semitic tweet. The hooked nose Jew controls the President of the United States, and uses him to further his own Talmudic plan for world domination at the expense of everyone else. It is pure hatred, with absolutely no basis in fact (what exactly have Jews got to do with Trump’s decision?). If they had tweeted anything remotely as bad as this about African Americans, Latinos or any other minority group, there would be national outrage (they have now at least removed the tweet). The next time you see AJ+ make a heart-rending video about social justice, ask yourself this simple question – how can one claim to be a fighter for social justice and equality when they tweet this about Jews?

This week also saw the news that five Arab countries are breaking off ties with Qatar, due to their financing of terrorism, including of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, is also part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Qatar gives them a lot of support. Many of Hamas’ leaders live in Qatar (in phenomenal wealth), and according to one Israeli expert, Qatari money is so vital to Hamas that Hamas would crumble without it. This week’s headlines reminded everybody of these important facts.

There are many other issues in Qatar. AJ+ will make videos defending women’s rights in America, but in Qatar, women don’t even have the right to vote. But actually, there is gender equality on that issue, because men can’t vote either – Qatar is not a democracy, so nobody votes there. There is also the issue of the shocking treatment of foreign workers in Qatar. Workers, many of whom are building the stadiums for the 2022 soccer World Cup, often have their passports confiscated, and live and work in terrible conditions. According to the report below, over 360 workers have died in Qatar due to the terrible conditions they live in.

This week, Al Jazeera’s outrageous anti-Semitism and focus returning to Qatar’s terror links have reminded us of the problems in Qatar, and the issues with the people behind AJ+. AJ+ try to sell themselves as a liberal, progressive voice – but the real picture is that they are the exact opposite.

Contributed by CAMERA staff

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