Ha’aretz and the Conception of the Jewish State
What is a Jewish State? As seen through three generations of Ha’aretz op-eds. (Presspectiva)

Diskin, Netanyahu and the Media
Who was responding to whom? (Presspectiva)

BBC explains why it did not report on toddler injured by stone-throwers
The BBC reassures a complainant that it views an incident it failed to report as ‘serious’ and ‘important’. (BBC Watch)

BBC claims Ben Gurion “opposed” the Partition Plan
The historical inaccuracies continue in BBC News website backgrounders. (BBC Watch)

Mandela and Israel
Correcting some misconceptions about Mandela’s attitude to Zionism and Israel. (Presspectiva)

Gaza Rocket Attacks No Laughing Matter
Students protested a Noam Bedein event by handing out a flier which compared rockets to harmless yelling from “an emotionally disturbed person banging on the door screaming.” This great piece, published in the campus paper, explains the situation. (in Focus)

President of Campus Palestinian Group Wants to Stab Israeli Soldiers
San Francisco State University has suffered from a rash of anti-Israel extremism, including the glorification of the murder of Israelis. (in Focus)

Israel’s Minister of Intelligence Speaks at Boston University
Mr. Steinitz spoke about the Israeli perspective on the interim deal that has just been struck with Iran.. (in Focus)

Abbas: Abu Jihad was a “model of a true fighter”
While the president of the Palestinian Authority consecrated Abu Jihad, responsible for the deaths of at least 125 Israelis, including women and children, the Spanish speaking media remained silent. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Shalom Aper Event at UCLA Celebrates Israeli and Armenian Cultures
Bruins for Israel of UCLA teamed up with the Armenia Student Association to organize a successful event that celebrated Armenian and Israeli cultures as well as their unique intersection. Natalie Bakhshi reports back to CAMERA with the details. (in Focus)

7 Steps Away From “Freedom and Equality”
Students at the University of Michigan from various dorms across campus woke up to a mock eviction notice from the University of Michigan Housing Department. CAMERA Israel trip participant Molly Rosen responds. (in Focus)

Michael Leitner Presents: “Playing for Peace” at Concordia University
Concordia students learn about the innovative program that brings Jewish and Arab youth together to play soccer. (in Focus)

The Fake Mandela Letter That Celebrated a Bar Mitzvah
An op-ed by the head of Amnesty International Israel quotes a fake Nelson Mandela Letter (Presspectiva)

Another Boycott That Never Happened
Did Veolia really cancel a bus line on Route 443? (Presspectiva)

Less Hamas More Hummus Event at Arizona State University: Dr. Jonathan Schanzer and Screening of the Arab World in Its own Words
Where did Hamas get its power? A Less Hamas More Hummus Event at Arizona State. (in Focus)

A day in the life of former Palestinian prisoner Muhamad Hilal
Testimonies from former Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel describe much better living conditions than those described by the Spanish speaking media. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Noam Bedein at UC Berkley and UC Irvine.
With the help of CAMERA and our great students on the ground, students at UC Berkley and at UC Irvine learn about the rocket attacks against Israel. (in Focus)

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