I pen these words in honor of an alpha pack of American women who incomprehensibly find the strength to allow their offspring to travel across the globe, so that they may partake in a battle they could easily justify ignoring. How they find this strength will forever remain a mystery…
Friends try to comfort you. Family tries to remain nearby. Their efforts are futile. They do not and cannot understand that peace, for you, is a foreign concept, that you won’t find any solace until he is back in your arms, until he is close enough that you can again see your smile on his face.Few know and even less stop to think about the difficulties of being a mother warrior. With the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge, I find it fitting to stop and give thanks.To the brave sons who protect us: your battle is hard, and we are all indebted to you.To the brave mothers who sit at home not knowing: your battle is harder; not knowing the fate of a loved one can be scarier than battle itself. For that fortitude, we are all grateful.

For Max.

For Sean.

For David.

For their mothers.