Campuses across the US recently held Yom Haatzmaut and Israel Peace Week Celebrations to celebrate Israel’s 65th Birthday and Israel’s love for peace. Sun Devils for Israel, a CCAP group at Arizona State University, put on a full week’s worth of events (below), including this incredible giant chalk board. Read this great article about all their events for ideas about what to bring to your campus next year!

Israel’s Prime Minister has stated that he wants peace; he wants two states for two people and to sit down and negotiate with the Palestinians. Unfortunately both the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip have refused to recognize the Jewish state of Israel, despite the United Nations Partition Plan, which in 1947 called for a Jewish state. Both Palestinian governments have also refused to give up on their demand for “the right of return” which would mean an end of Israel as a Jewish state. Read more about this in Daniel Pipes’ great piece here.

peace wallsundevils for israel peace week

By Gilad Skolnick

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