While August and September were busy kick-starting events and actions on campus, October proved to be very beneficial by way of programming.  CAMERA- supported campuses all over held different events and discussions about different aspects of Israel and Israeli culture. 

This month, Great Danes for Israel at the University of Albany, SUNY held a Bingo in the Sukkah event.  They had a large turnout for the event, and everyone was engaged and actively participating! 

Mustangs United For Israel (MUFI) at California Polytechnic State University – SLO held the event, “Israel: The Global Water Leader”.  Dr. Clive Lipchin, the director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies was the keynote speaker for the event.  Dr. Lipchin, and the students of Mustangs United For Israel, were able to discuss and teach the greater community about Israel’s work in the global water sector.  The group was then able to discuss the political, social, and environmental impacts of Dr. Lipchin’s work on both the Israeli and global communities.  The event was co-sponsored with a number of groups from across campus, such as the Association of Environmental Professionals and the Society of Environmental Engineers.  The groups were able to hold very productive and meaningful discussions, and hope to have had a lasting impression on other students from across the California Polytechnic State University – SLO campus. 

MUFI also participated in the StandWithUs IDF Soldier Tour this month.  They were able to hold the event on campus and invited ROTC Army department and the Military Sciences Club to participate.  The speakers were able to discuss the truths behind the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the morals of the IDF.  After the talk, event attendees were able to ask questions and participate in a dialogue with the soldiers.  The event was an overall success and Mustangs United For Israel received a great deal of positive feedback!

Emet Israel at the University of Miami held their annual BBQ on campus to officially kick off the year.  They were able to set up their table near the freshman dormitories in order to speak with a large number of individuals.  They were able to encourage people to come to future events, as well as educate the greater University of Miami community about Israel, who Emet Israel is, the fellowship program, and the events that they have throughout the semester.

Glasgow University Israel & Middle East Forum at Glasgow University/Strathclyde University paired with the Jewish Society held an event entitled, “Falafel Night/‘Israel in Jewish Thought’”.  Both groups were able to give presentations and lead discussions about the classical and modern Jewish thoughts, and the history and modern day Israel.

SKFI at Rutgers University held an event called, “The Israel Kurdistan Relationship”.  The CAMERA- supported group was able to have a Jewish Kurdish speak about the relationship between Israel and Kurdistan and why it is an important affiliation.  Attendees were encouraged and able to ask questions and participate in the discussion.  The event was successful and brought about a new light to the topic.

Wildcats for Israel at the University of Arizona held their event Israel Palooza this month!  The CAMERA- supported group was able to bring Artists 4 Israel to campus in order to create an art piece that depicted their idea of peace.  The goal was to begin, sustain, and encourage a dialogue about peace and diversity.  The group was able to interact with upwards of one hundred members of the University of Arizona community!  Community members were able to participate in creating art with Artists 4 Israel, and in the discussion and answer the prompt “what peace means to you”.  Members of Wildcats for Israel spoke about their excitement for the overall success of the event, as well as their hopes for future events.

Owls for Israel at Florida Atlantic University held their event, OFI BBQ.  They were able to reconnect with students from years before, as well as welcome new students to campus.  The BBQ had a variety of Israeli foods, games, and activities that all showcased the different aspects of Israeli culture.  The group received a plethora of positive feedback regarding the event!

Alpha Epsilon Pi at Ohio University held their 40th Anniversary Banquet Dinner.  This was an opportunity for alumni and current brothers to come together.  They were able to give an update on their chapter, future plans for the chapter and on campus, and major accomplishments throughout the history of the chapter on campus.  Overall, the event was a success and the group has hopes to strengthen their overall alumni relations in the future!

VIEW (Visions for Israel in an Evolving World) at Hunter College held the event, “Ask A Soldier”.  Attendees were able to partake in a lunch, lecture, and discussion with the IDF soldiers in attendance.  Many different questions were asked, and the conversation seemed to flow effectively.  The event was able to show Israel and the IDF in a more positive image, and answer many questions that the community of Hunter College had.

Israeli Students Association at York University held the event “Illusory Beauty” this month.  The event discussed the different aspects and discoveries about the Dead Sea.  The ultimate goal was to showcase the facts and ideas of the Dead Sea that many people might not have known previously.  The group was able to participate in a virtual reality presentation both through their cellphones and through VR (virtual reality) equipment.  Overall, the event proved to be a success and provided an abundance of new information.

Matadors for Israel at CSUN held the event “Fauda and Froyo”.  The event combined two campus favorites: frozen yogurt and Netflix.  Attendees were able to enjoy frozen yogurt and watch the first episode of the Israeli action thriller television show, Fauda.  Following the episode, viewers were able to participate in a discussion about Israel and current Israeli events.  Overall, the event was successful and the CAMERA- supported group has plans to continue to hold events to continue watching the show.

Contributed by Campus Coordinator Alex Rittenberg

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