The epidemic of professors demonizing Israel and creating a vehemently biased anti-Israel climate at Northeastern is quite problematic. It is a grave injustice to misinform students, and it distracts from the real atrocities going on in much of the world such as Syria, Egypt, the Central African Republic, etc. Students are deprived of an opportunity to discuss Israel in an open and honest environment, as they fear that expressing their views on Israel will be detrimental to their grades.

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) recently sent a letter to the president of Northeastern protesting the current situation. In it was a long list of examples of the hostile environment. For example, “a Jewish student wrote a paper taking the position that Hamas, with its genocidal goals, cannot be given legitimacy. Professor Sullivan rejected the student’s paper and threatened her with a poor grade unless she rewrote it … The Jewish student felt that she had no choice but to rewrite her paper.”

Steve Stotsky, a CAMERA research analyst, is featured in the new documentary about Northeastern, “Northeastern Unbecoming.”

Visit to learn more, and watch the trailer below.

Contributed by Gilad Skolnick

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