Gil Troy, a professor of history at McGill University, responds to Peter Beinart’s essay, writing “What Beinart Overlooks in His ‘American Jewish Cocoon’ Article“. Professor Troy explores the issue of how, oftentimes, groups advocating for Israel are accused of being one sided, and of failing to provide multiple perspectives. They are pressured to provide a “safe space” where students from all sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict can share their opinions.

Professor Troy explores this, writing, ‘“Do gays give out literature justifying homophobia? Do feminists make the argument for sexism? You are doing activism, not academics. It’s legitimate to give your pro-Israel narrative—just as most Palestinians activists give their narrative without ever feeling guilty about ignoring our narrative, or even denying our legitimate national rights.”‘

Attacks on Israel’s basic right to exist, absurd accusations, and calls for boycott are rife on campuses. Conferences further this cause, such as the US Campaign to End the Occupation Conference, occurring at the end of the month at George Mason University. This conference calls for the “Right of Return”; in other words, the end goal of the end of Israel. There is no need to further assist those who oppose Israel’s right to exist with “balance” of yet another anti-Israel event or speaker. As long as events about Israel are accurate, that is sufficient. Any expectation that pro-Israel groups on campus also provide perspectives of those who demonize Israel is simply absurd.

Contributed by Gilad Skolnick

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