Like clockwork the Ivy League student/mobs were ignited after the October 7th pogrom to march and chant in unison “Free, Free Palestine!!!!!!!” ad infinitum. The orchestration was well prepared and ready to go at moment’s notice. The student strategy was to play offense and be offensive. Hamas rapes, they chant, “free, free Palestine”. Hamas burns babies, they scream, “free, free Palestine”.

Hamas beats to death the elderly, they bellow “free, free Palestine!” The student groups behind the protests “recontextualized” the massacre (Columbia Faculty Open Letter ) as a legitimate act of resistance.  The well-oiled propaganda machine of SJP clicked on even before Israel counter-attacked in response to the October 7th invasion of Israel by Hamas.

I focus on the Ivy League because these schools are the most selective so presumably the students admitted show the most promise. I mean no disrespect to other colleges and Universities. George Washington University antisemites can more than hold their own against the Ivy League. They exhibited their hateful creativity when they projected antisemitic slogans on the façade of the Melvin Gelman Library. (GW Office of the President ).

The antisemites at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill also proudly stepped up on January 22nd to show off their disrespect for free speech when they attempted to disrupt a conversation between Bari Weiss (Bari Weiss) and Professor Frank Bruni (Frank Bruni), two highly respected and insightful journalists. The gang in the audience screamed, “Bari, Bari, you can’t hide, you’re committing genocide” (the Algemeienr).

The following is an excerpt from the Harvard College admissions website (Harvard Admissions).

“We seek promising students who will contribute to the Harvard community during their college years, and to society throughout their lives.

While academic accomplishment is important, the Admissions Committee considers many other factors—strong personal qualities, special talents or excellences of all kinds, perspectives formed by unusual personal circumstances, and the ability to take advantage of available resources and opportunities.”

One opportunity that some of the Harvard students with “strong personal qualities” enthusiastically took advantage of was to menace and harass Jewish students in the wake of the October 7th pogrom.  Perhaps Harvard should include the following essay prompt for future applicants:

Do you think that mobs of students who march through Harvard’s campus calling for the violent elimination of Israel and slaughter of Jews is a) absolutely a violation of Harvard’s non-discrimination policy, (b) It depends on the context, c) Is absolutely not a violation of Havard’s non-discrimination policy.  Please explain your choice in a 750-word essay. (Harvard Working Group Non-Discrimination and Anit-Bullying)  

Only 3.41 percent of the 56,937 applicants to Harvard’s class of 2027 were admitted. For Columbia University the acceptance rate was 3.9% of the 57,129 applications.

The Harvard students who march and hypnotically chant in unison to “Free Palestine” are extremely high achievers. They will go on to have careers at prestigious law firms, investment banks, influential think tanks, the United Nations, in the halls of the Congress, as officers in the military, as judges and as advisers to future presidents.

They will be the leaders who will decide if Israel has a right to defend itself from missile attacks and terror invasions, if Iran will be allowed to have a nuclear bomb, if failed states ruled by terror groups can deny democratic countries the right to defend themselves, if appeasement to terror and blackmail is beneficial to the interests of the United States.

They will debate whether rape is legitimate resistance and if resistance to rape is genocide. We need to listen and pay attention to what these students mean by “free, free Palestine” because these are going to be very influential people in the not-too-distant future.

When the chants at Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia morph from “free, free Palestine” to “free, free the Palestinians” some progress towards achieving peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis will have been achieved.

Will one of the Ivy League students who are leading the anti-Israel demonstrations have an epiphany and turn to the screaming crowd and declare that a free Palestine depends on freeing the Palestinians from UNRWA, Iran, and Hamas?

Will the Harvard protestors rally behind this student leader to form a dedicated group of true cadres of resistance fighters who have the vision and courage to demand independence for the Palestinian people from the despots who in their fanatical crusade to destroy Israel are willing to sacrifice another five generations of Israeli and Arab lives? Look at the destruction and suffering Hamas has wrought upon Gaza!

This necessary revolution to liberate the Palestinians from Hamas might follow the path of the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” in Czechoslovakia when the citizen protests toppled the communist regime, (Velvet Revolution).  This uprising started with violent clashes with the communist state but the government forces withered within eleven days.

The revolt against the Hamas regime should it ever materialize will be more likely to follow the path of the Mahsa Amini protests in Iran, which are not gaining ground and are being violently crushed (Human Rights Watch). The Hamas regime is brutal.  Hamas has no qualms about torturing babies so a successful resistance to Hamas will be met with ultra violence. (Human Rights Watch)

Free, free the Palestinians from the Ivy League intellectuals who can’t distinguish between a gang of sadists and legitimate resistance! (ADL)

Free, free the Palestinians from the hypocrites who keep the Palestinian people captives to be used as pawns in their blood lust for Jews and the Jewish State! (FDD)

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