A president of a country vows that his country will be purged of Jews. This was announced on July 29 by President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. Why did we not hear about it? According to YNet News, Mr. Abbas said, “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands.”

While Israel could completely withdraw from the West Bank, according to YNet, Israel has previously stated that it wants to maintain a military presence along the Jordanian border so that it can prevent the transfer of weapons into a new Palestinian state as well as the use of those weapons against Israel.

For Israel to agree to completely withdraw from the West Bank, including the withdrawal of a military presence along the Jordanian border, mutual trust and mutual respect have to exist. This does not exist in the case of Gaza, because the ruling government is governed by a US-recognized terrorist organization, Hamas.

While Hamas is currently in a ceasefire with Israel, they are responsible for more than 8,000 rockets fired against Israel, according to the IDF. President Abbas has continued to glorify and celebrate terrorists, including Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas. According to the Jewish Press, a picture glorifying female terrorists was posted on one of Fatah’s, the ruling party of the West Bank, official Facebook pages in June. Included in this posting was Dalal Mughrabi, leader of the most deadly terrorist attack in Israel, in which 37 civilians died.

How can Israel trust the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas when President Abbas continues to glorify murderers of Israelis? Why can President Abbas publicly say such blatantly anti-Semitic comments without world outcry?

Contributed by CAMERA Intern Eli Cohn

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