Boston, MA – In response to a disturbing surge in antisemitism and misinformation on college campuses, CAMERA on Campus unveiled its fourth annual ‘Apartheid Week Exposed Campaign.’

“This strategic initiative is geared towards equipping students with the tools to counter unfounded attacks on Israel and the Jewish community,” said CAMERA on Campus’s content and campaigns manager, Sasha Chernyak.

The campaign, timed to coincide with the notorious “Israeli Apartheid Week” orchestrated by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters across the United States and Canada, aims to debunk disinformation and challenge efforts to de-legitimize the state of Israel.

SJP, known for disruptive tactics and advocating extreme measures such as the ethnic cleansing of Jewish people in Israel, presents a significant challenge to the harmonious atmosphere of campus life.

“Since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th, a concerning increase in global antisemitism has been observed,” said Hali Spiegel, CAMERA’s campus director. “According to records from the AMCHA Initiative, since January 2023, 523 incidents of antisemitism have been documented, with SJP chapters at U.S. universities prominently featured.”

Nate Miller, a CAMERA Fellow at Tulane University and staff writer for Tulane Hullabaloo, added, “There is no doubt as to which group is inciting hatred on campus. SJP chapters spearheaded in a global day of ‘resistance’ on October 8th and have since escalated their ideological attacks and, at times, physical assaults on Jewish and pro-Israel students.”

The CAMERA campaign places a strong emphasis on empowering students with accurate information, fostering resilience in the face of hostility and adversity, and shining a light on hate groups operating within campus boundaries.

Students will be actively participating in the CAMERA campaign by:

  •     Sharing CAMERA on Campus’s content on social media platforms
  •     Utilizing the hashtag #ApartheidWeekExposed
  •     Joining fellows and coalition members tabling on campus, equipped with materials available on the campaign website:
  •     Extending invitations to fellow students to attend campus events featuring social media influencer Emily Schrader, during her speaking tour of schools in New England and the West Coast: Brandeis University – March 4th; UC Davis – March 5th; UC Berkeley – March 6th; and UCLA – March 7th

Excited for the campaign’s launch and the upcoming tour, Schrader is optimistic about the future of standing up for Israel on campus, saying, “The world must understand that the days of Jews cowering in fear are over. Jewish students and pro-Israel voices have the right to free speech and free expression. We will not be silenced and we will not be pushed aside.”

As CAMERA on Campus takes the lead in fostering informed and constructive conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Apartheid Week Exposed Campaign emerges as a vital platform for truth and understanding on university grounds.

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About CAMERA on Campus

CAMERA on Campus is a grassroots organization committed to promoting honest and accurate portrayals of Israel on college campuses. Through educational programs, informational resources, and campaigns, CAMERA on Campus strives to foster informed and constructive conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Media Contact

Douglas Sandoval
Managing Director, CAMERA on Campus

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