This piece has been republished in The Algemeiner.

Just two months ago, Nigerian girls were kidnapped by Muslim extremists in Nigeria.

Just last week, three Israeli boys were kidnapped by Muslim extremists in Israel.

The world responded with tremendous support for the girls in Nigeria, especially on social media, with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. The world did not respond with as much support for the Israeli boys, but still, on social media, there was tremendous support with the take on the girls’ hashtag, and #BringBackOurBoys was created.


CAMERA, The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, and CAMERAonCampus launched a new pro-Palestinian and humanitarian campaign called #ChildrenAreNOTWeapons. This campaign aims to highlight the fact that Palestinian leaders teach their children to hate. Whether in TV shows for young children, UN supported textbooks, or elsewhere, Palestinian children are bombarded with anti-Israel propaganda. The campaign’s symbol, a child in a Chamsa (a religious symbol, guarding against the evil eye), is meant to unify both Muslims and Jews in this. The Chamsa is universal to both Judaism and Islam, and the child shows that we must protect children against the “evil eye” of incitement.

The child used in the campaign image above is signaling a three-fingered “victory” sign. Many children have been used by Palestinian groups to display pride in the kidnapping of the three Israeli boys in Israel last week. A recent piece in the Algemeiner, Why Child Support for Kidnapping Israelis Must be Widely Publicized, by Brian Thomas, highlights this issue.

Help us to end the use of Palestinian children as weapons. Share the photo.


Contributed by CAMERA Intern Eli Cohn.

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