At Oral Roberts University, before September even started, CAMERA-supported group ORU United for Israel catapulted into its best year of Israel support yet. The group has already joined together many students on campus on behalf of Israel several times, including during at the Partiestival Club Rush event, the group’s trip to the local Jewish Museum, their kick off meeting, the AIPAC Tulsa Annual Event, and the Zionism-themed meeting.

As a classic kickoff festivity to celebrate the start of the new school year, the ORU Partiestival Club Rush is the premier recruitment event of the year and the main way to show other students our passion for Israel. Strategically placed on the first few days of school, when the freshmen and returning students are still establishing their collegiate interests, goals, and schedules, this event is placed at the ideal time to glean active club participants and potential Israel supporters. At the Partiestival Club Rush, each active campus club is invited and encouraged to express themselves in a way to attract potential club members. The focus of the Partiestival Club Rush event was spreading our love for Israel in an attractive way during the largest recruitment opportunity of the year.

Students at ORU for Israel's Partiefestival event.
ORU United for Israel students at ORU’s Partiefestival event.

“We met and exceeded our goals for the Partiestival Club Rush event. Our booth attracted the attention of countless students, consistently surrounded by at least ten prospective students while many of the other Club Rush booths only had one or two students at them. In the context of the Club Rush booth alone, I believe we acquired at least 150 additional email signups for our club,” said Connie Hammond, ORU United for Israel president.

“Also, as a result of the Club Rush, many students have been asking me about the importance of supporting Israel since they met me at the Club Rush. The Club Rush event ignited passion inside the hearts of many ORU students, encouraging them to support Israel on campus through the context of our club and for the rest of their lives,” she continued.

After the Partiestival, ORU United for Israel followed up its recruitment efforts directly by hosting a trip to the local Jewish museum for both returning club members and new recruits, especially freshmen. At the Jewish Museum, we toured the different galleries, learned about history, art, and the Jewish community in Tulsa and Oklahoma. The museum brought together students who are interested in going deeper into the history of the Jewish people and Israel. It was a good field trip to go on before the school year kicked off.

A few days later, on the Tuesday after Partiestival, the group had its kickoff meeting, which attracted over 30 new members!

“One of our most successful events of the year so far came during the weekend after our Kick Off meeting.  We brought a large delegation to the local AIPAC annual event, the Tulsa Annual Event. In a room of a little over 100 people, over 30 of them were ORU students who are affiliated with our Israel club. In addition to bringing a large delegation, we invited our Student Body President and the Head of Freshmen and New Student Experience within the Student Government to attend and they both attended,” said ORU United for Israel President Connie Hammond.

After the Tulsa Annual Event, ORU United for Israel held its weekly Tuesday night meeting. Many students came and celebrated the importance of supporting the Jewish Homeland, Israel. Students watched two short, engaging video clips which were discussed. The group discussion was successful and the students in attendance were able to internalize their Israel support in their own hearts. Connie notes that “It was lovely seeing such Israel support bubble up within them.” “Here’s to our best year of Israel activism on campus yet!” she added.

Contributed by President of CAMERA-supported group ORU United for Israel Connie Hammond.

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