Near 10th Ave. and West 36th St. in Manhattan, a new CAMERA billboard criticizing the Israel coverage of The New York Times. Credit: JNS.com

Today, CAMERA launches another in a series of billboards that put the spotlight on the New York Times for their biased coverage of Israel!  Check our our press release, published in JNS.com, and reproduced in full below!

A series of new billboards in New York City calls out The New York Times for what a media watchdog group says is persistent anti-Israel bias in the newspaper’s reporting.

Five new billboards from the Committee for Accuraccamera new nyt billboardy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) will join an existing CAMERA billboard opposite the headquarters of The New York Times in midtown Manhattan. The midtown billboard reads, “The New York Times Against Israel—All Rant, All Slant, All The Time. Stop The Bias!” The other billboards can be found near the intersection of 10th Ave. and 36th St., at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, and on expressways.

“We are expanding our effort to let the public know, beginning with the newspaper-reading public in New York City, that The Times persists—[and] has even doubled-down—in its long-standing pattern of prejudiced reporting and editorializing when it comes to Israel,” said Andrea Levin, CAMERA’s executive director.

In November, CAMERA called out the “passive language” in an initial New York Times headline on the Palestinian terror attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem. The headline stated, “Four Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Complex,” without any mention of terrorism. CAMERA also noted that the newspaper, when reporting on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s condemnation of the synagogue attack, omitted any reference of Abbas’s repeated incitement to violence—such as a condolence letter Abbas wrote to the family of the late Palestinian terrorist who attempted to murder Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick.

On Dec. 10, The Times’s choice of columnist to analyze the controversy surrounding an Israeli bill to formalize the country’s status as a “Jewish state” was pro-Hamas activist Max Blumenthal, the creator of a Twitter hashtag (#JSIL) equating Israel with the Islamic state terror group.

Over the summer, CAMERA used its midtown Manhattan billboard to call out biased reporting on the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, stating, “Hamas attacks Israel: Not surprising. The New York Times attacks Israel: Also not surprising.”  nyt.billboard2

Levin noted that the billboards are a quick and high-impact way of reminding viewers of “journalistic malpractice” concerning Israel and that CAMERA’s focus on the New York Times’s coverage enjoys “enthusiastic support from the organization’s members and supporters.”

“If The Times imagines it can escape scrutiny, it’s quite mistaken. As long as The Times keeps lying about Israel, we’ll keep telling the truth about them,” she said.

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