Philippe Assouline writes a great op-ed You Can Fool Some People Sometime’: BS Gets BDS a Win at UC Riverside. If any government ever passed legislation in this manner, there would be serious questions about the democratic nature of the said government. This vote does not reflect the wishes of the students.

As Assouline writes, “As if being kept in the dark for weeks were not enough, opponents of the motion were given no right of rebuttal whatsoever.” This is what one would expect in Palestinian controlled areas, but not in the US. Perhaps SJP wants people to know what life is like under the current non-democratic Palestinian government?

It is of course no surprise that the anti-Israel students did not want to let any other side talk. Their presentation was filled with inaccurate statements, and shockingly out of context photographs. One photograph shows Palestinians showing their ID to enter Israel. Canadians show their ID to enter the US. Are they also second class citizens?

Check out the youtube clips that Assouline includes in his article and read more about BDS here and the Apartheid Myth here.

At right: Israel’s 2013 Miss Israel. SJP would not like you to know this.

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