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“I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the work that CAMERA and you all did to contribute to such an amazing weekend in New York. I felt so honored to be able to come and it was a very special experience for me. Mustangs United for Israel would not be able to do what we do without CAMERA’s support and I could not be more appreciative to have such a dedicated and hard-working organization work with us to help us excel at our programming. The gala was absolutely wonderful and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to come, so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I’m looking forward to continuing a great partnership with CAMERA next year as our board is very familiar with the organization and we have a new CAMERA Fellow, Roee Landesman, who is so excited to work with you all. Thank you again, on behalf of MUFI, for a wonderful weekend and for your continued support for our organization.”
                -Aliza Herzberg, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo,     Mustangs for Israel



“With the support of CAMERA on Campus, the Israel movement on my campus has grown and flourished, educating the students on the authentic Israel and the importance of committed support for Israel throughout our lives. Leaders in support of Israel are arising on my campus, speaking up on behalf of the Jewish state and the reality of what is occurring there. We are abundantly gratefuly for the support of CAMERA on Campus and how they have impacted the lives of students on campus.”
                  -Connie Hammond, Oral Roberts University, ORU Campus Israel Alliance                                CAMERA Intern ’15-’16 
“Working with CAMERA has been an absolute pleasure this year! They have done an amazing job helping our new club, Mustangs United for Israel, get off its feet and really make an impact on our campus through their funding, providing of apparel and merchandise, as well as their support and ideas. Here at Cal Poly we are so grateful for everything they have done and provided for us and we would never have been able to accomplish as much as we have this year without their incredible help.”
                  -Meghan Gross, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo                             CAMERA Intern ’15-’16
“Mustangs United For Israel and CAMERA formed and alliance only halfway through this school year, but we have gotten so much done in that short period of time. CAMERA was one of the organizations that truly made our Seth Siegel event possible. CAMERA has also funded many of our cool swag items, such as our new beautiful MUFI table cloth and our Yom HaAtzmaut shirts. This organization is easily one of the best and easiest to work with, always looking for ways to make our lives as Israel advocates less stressful and more effective, two components we all struggle with on the college campus. Their staff is top-of-the-line, and overall they are simply fantastic.”
                  –Tal Edelstein, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo,                                 President of Mustangs United for Israel
“Working as Anteaters For Israel (AFI) Vice President in 2013-2014 and President in 2014-2015, it’s often a challenge to stay on top of your Israel advocacy, events, messaging, and members. Having outside organizations like CAMERA to lean on made the experience so much easier and more fulfilling . . .  (CAMERA Staff) are there whenever you need them or would like them to be with any kind of support needed: financial, moral, great advice, etc. It was such a pleasure working with them during my time as an Israel advocate at UCI. I know our year would not have been as productive, as memorable, or as great, if not for CAMERA. Thank you for everything you do for us.”
                 -Sharon Shaulon, UC Irvine, President of Anteaters for Israel
“On behalf of Hillel at Baruch and YOFI, we want to say THANK YOU! . . . We are so happy to have such a great support and partnership! We look forward to next year to have many more amazing moments for our students. Please share our gratitude with all of the people at CAMERA!”
                – Matan Evrany – Israel Fellow at Baruch College
“I cannot thank CAMERA enough for guiding me and helping me focus my energy and passion for Israel in an efficient way. I have grown as an individual and as a learner. I am better equipped with information from the CAMERA alerts and the fantastic speakers. Without CAMERA I would not have had the resources or the knowledge to start a pro-Israel movement on campus. Before I became involved in CAMERA I did not know where to start. However, with CAMERA’s help I was able to slowly begin to bring events on campus and eventually bring in speakers like Bret Stephens. I truly thank CAMERA. I do not know where the pro-Israel movement on Drexel’s campus would be if CAMERA has not graciously helped with their time and resources.
I can honestly say that if it were not for CAMERA, Drexel students would not be introduced to a pro-Israel environment on campus. Students would not be as lucky as to hear from honorable speakers. I enjoyed and benefited in the sense that I now know how to better approach news sources in respect to Israel. I can counteract many more issues and myths than I did coming into CAMERA. I cannot thank CAMERA enough for the amazing year that has enriched me in every facet of my life! Thank you CAMERA!”

     -Shoshana Weiss,  Drexel University CAMERA Fellow ’10 – ’11 and Dragons for Israel             CCAP Liaison ’11 – ’13

“Knowing you both has been a blessing– and significantly strengthened our work here in Santa Cruz. Thank you for everything!”

     -Guy Herschmann, University of California, Santa Cruz Slugs for Israel EMET for                  IsraelLiasion ’11 – ’12

“Throughout my researching escapades… it was always a dream of mine to become associated somehow with CAMERA as they are the paragon of journalistic integrity, dedicated to holding the media to the absolute highest standards, and in doing so, advance the cause of Zionism. But of course, this is the natural order of things, for Israel is good and is necessarily proven to be so at all times by all litmus tests for goodness. I am thus damn proud of CAMERA and all that they are and of course I am proud to be associated with them.”

    -Chloé Simone Valdary, University of New Orleans Allies for Israel EMET for Israel                  Liaison ’12 – ’15

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend [at the CAMERA Annual Training Conference]. I’m sure a lot went on behind-the-scenes, and I can’t share with you enough my level of appreciation. CAMERA is a great organization, and I know it is due to all the hard work [CAMERA staff] put into it.”

-Haley Magerman, Arizona State University Sundevils for Israel EMET for Israel Student ’11 – ’13

“Thank you for all of your help with YOFI’s beginnings and events. Without CAMERA, I would have never been able to see YOFI grow into what it has today. I owe all of YOFI’s accomplishments to you.”

-Rena Nasar, CUNY Baruch Youth Organization for Israel EMET for Israel Liaison ’11 – ’13

“I have been serving on the Dragons For Israel’s board for 2 years and the impact of CAMERA’s grant is made clear at every board meeting we have.This year, our organization made use of supporting CAMERA resources by holding successful events that impacted students more than ever before which caused a rise in commitment among new members to the DFI. As the incoming President of DFI, I am ecstatic about the potential that we can achieve next year with CAMERA’s support.”

-Asher Breverman, Drexel University Dragons for Israel board member & president ’11 – ’14

“Working with CAMERA this past year has been an amazing addition to George Mason University’s Israel Student Association (ISA). Not only does CAMERA give us the resources to fight anti-Israel bias and blasphemy on campus, it empowers our organization by giving us the ability to reach out to students who would not normally become involved with the ISA. Through our expanded funds we are able to hold fun events that not only engage the campus community, but also expose students to real Israeli culture and encourage truthful knowledge and opinions of Israel. We are proud to partner with CAMERA, because it helps us not only to be a better student organization on campus, but to become a force.”

-Bridget Lane, George Mason University Israel Student Association board member ’12 – ’13

“Thank you so much for all of your help this year with everything! So many of our events were made possible by support and funding from you guys, and we really cannot thank you enough for all that you do.”

-Tova Medetsky, CUNY Brooklyn United 4 Israel EMET for Israel Liaison ’12 – ’13     

“CAMERA has given us the resources to create opportunity on campus in a pro-Israel context.”

-Adam D. Harris, McNeese State University Israeli Alliance EMET for Israel Liaison ’13 – ’14 

“I would not be in the world of pro-Israel advocacy if it weren’t for the hard work of CAMERA and the campus team. I am forever indebted to the organization for it’s commitment to the truth and the guidance I have received. Through CAMERA, I learned that it was absolutely necessary to stand up for the truth and for Israel.”

-Daniel Mael, Brandeis University Students for Accuracy in Israeli-Palestinian Affairs (SAIPA) EMET for Israel group founder and president ’13 – ’14

“The support that CAMERA provides allows our Israel group to shoot for the stars. We love putting on events and bringing in speakers to show our love for Israel on campus, and our partnership with CAMERA lets us to dream big.”

-Rebecca Taylor, University of Miami EMET Israel board member, ’13 – ’15 

“Thanks so much for all your help this semester!  I was so nervous about getting everything done ok and successfully hosting all of the events and it was so great to know I could call you for any help I needed!” 
-Ahuva Kohanteb, CUNY Brooklyn United 4 Israel EMET for Israel Liaison ’11 – ’12



“Working with CAMERA has been an incredibly experience. CAMERA has allowed me to meet speakers who shared with my campus and community the importance of supporting Israel. Choosing to be a Fellow for CAMERA was a great decision that has positively impacted my pro-Israel work.”

         – Maria Lilly, University of Alaska – Anchorage, CAMERA Fellow ’14-’15
“Working with CAMERA this past year has been quite the experience! The support and invaluable experience the CAMERA staff offered truly helped me strengthen the pro-Israel community at the University at Buffalo…CAMERA enabled our group to hit the ground running and demonstrate to our peers and university staff members that we are here to stay. CAMERA has helped me and UBI bring in excellent speakers that have had lasting impacts on my campus. I look forward to continuing my pro-Israel activism and I am thankful for all of CAMERA’s help.”
           Logan Woodward, University of Buffalo, CAMERA Fellow ’14-’15
“Thank you so much for selecting me as a fellow. It was an honor to work with CAMERA this past year, and I have learned so much that I will take with me. I think about Israel every day, and I am happy to say that it has become a much larger part of my life.”
David Enav, University of Houston, CAMERA Fellow ’14-’15
“CAMERA empowered me to use my voice on my campus in a way I never imagined I could. I never thought one voice on a huge campus could make a valuable impact – but I was wrong. This fellowship enabled me to be independent and determined, all while providing me with the means to spread awareness and pro-Israel support throughout my campus. The knowledge I have thus gained about Israel and Israel-advocacy will serve as a basis for my support of Israel from now on. I am thankful for the valuable life lessons, techniques, and passion that CAMERA instilled in me, all of which will be applied throughout the rest of my life.Thank you for everything!
            Lindsay Hurwitz, University of Michigan, CAMERA Fellow ’14-’15
“Being a Campus Fellow for CAMERA has been an eye-opening and maturing experience for me. It’s made me realize how incredibly important Israel advocacy is on the college campus, and it’s provided me with the know-how and resources to engage in fact-based conversations about Israel, the media, and international policy. Being a CAMERA fellow has also brought me closer to the land of Israel, and has fostered new and enriching relationships that I now value deeply.”
Hayeem Rudy, CUNY Brooklyn, CAMERA Fellow ’14 – ’15
“Being a CAMERA Fellow has significantly changed my life. Having the resources to educate my peers at San Francisco State University has been so crucial this past year.”

Kayla Wold, San Francisco State University, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“My experience with CAMERA thus far has been so eye-opening and unique. I have learned how to properly advocate for Israel on my college campus and have had the opportunity to host incredible events featuring strong figures in the pro-Israel community. I am very thankful for this Fellowship and all that it has taught me and I am looking forward to another great semester of pro-Israel advocacy with the CAMERA team!”

Allison Moldoff, Simmons College, CAMERA Fellow ’14 – ’15


“CAMERA became more than a fellowship during my collegiate career. CAMERAonCampus was my support system, advocate, and network in the realistic uphill battle against those that negate the truth and facts of happenings in the Middle East. Through the dynamic program and writing support, CAMERA brought to the University of Pittsburgh proper education on the many facets of the Arab-Israeli conflict and its ensuing effects on the Middle Eastern culture. Since becoming a part of CAMERA, I have gained the necessary confidence to speak up in the middle of apathy to a state that affects all university students: Israel.”

Lauren Barney, University of Pittsburgh, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“I worked to combat anti-Israel bias on my campus prior to becoming a CAMERA fellow, but it was a daunting task to tackle alone. CAMERA introduced me to an incredible support group of fellow activists from around the country, who I could turn to for advice, opinions, and inspiration. At the annual leadership conference, I learned to break down fallacious arguments and debunk false claims. I learned to always be well-versed in the facts and to write with clarity and composure. This experience stimulated my growth as a journalist and aided me in eloquently expressing my pride in the state of Israel. Thank you to the CAMERA on Campus team for your mentorship and encouragement!”

Danielle Haberer, University of South Florida, CAMERA Fellow ’13-’14

“CAMERA provides valuable insight about the reality of media sources, and contributing as a CAMERA Fellow was the best way to present the truth about Israel on my campus.”

Philip Chinitz, University of Delaware, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“The CAMERA fellowship was a great first step into Israel advocacy and Middle East education. I also learned a lot about responsible journalism and the power the written word holds to this day. CAMERA taught me how to seek out and stand for the truth. They welcomed my questions and curiosities and supported me throughout the whole school year. Their speakers experts and staff cover a wide range of topics above and beyond the Arab-Israeli conflict but still manage to cover the complicated, sensitive issues with the detail and respect they deserve. CAMERA enabled me to discuss Israel at my school with confidence and pride. I feel privileged to have worked with such a fantastic organization. Thank you CAMERA.”

Michelle Soicher, Concordia University, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“Participating as a CAMERA fellow was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience while in college. I worked hard and saw that it takes a community of people for success. I look forward to using this lesson, among others, as I venture outside of academics and into the work force.”

Brett Hausler, University of Massacusetts, Amherst, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“Throughout the year, the CAMERA staff has proven to be experienced, responsible, and most importantly, genuinely concerned and willing to help out its students. While I have graduated and am moving back to Israel, I am excited to check on all the proactive work CAMERA fellows are doing across America.”

Daniel Narvy, University of California, Irvine, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“CAMERA has not only given me the opportunity to meet amazing students and activists but also to learn an incredible amount about what it means to be an Israel activist as well as the weight that comes with this great responsibility.”

Madelyn Grant, Ohio State University, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“The CAMERA Fellowship inspired me to actively stay informed of both Israel-related events and international news. I learned analytic skills which I will continue to use as a lifelong pro-Israel advocate.”

Josh Dienstman, Drexel University, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“Working with CAMERA has enabled me to have the tools, confidence, and passion to defend Israel on campus. Coming into the advocacy process as someone who knew little about activism, I was surprised by how helpful CAMERA staff members and students were in helping each other achieve our goals on campus. Not many other organizations are able to assist and empower their students as much as CAMERA, and I’m incredibly grateful for the connection my campus has with CAMERA.”

Ian Campbell, George Mason University, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to be a CAMERA Fellow. It was an incredible learning experience and I’ll carry its valuable lessons with me forever. CAMERA’s commitment to equality and fairness is inspiring.”

John Wright, Alabama State University, CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14

“So many important events and speakers at Brooklyn College would not have taken place without the help of CAMERA and the amazing CAMERA Campus Department. The funds and support provided made a deep impact on Brooklyn College and we cannot thank you enough.”

-Robin Cohen, CUNY Brooklyn, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13 

“It has been a pleasure being a CAMERA fellow this year! Being a member of this program has opened my eyes to realize how much misinformation regarding Zionism and Israel is out there, and the necessity to make sure the right facts are being portrayed. Not only did I personally grow and a pro-Israel activist, I was lucky to get the chance to help spread the message to others as well! There is a very satisfying feeling when a peer comes up to you after a event and says, ‘Wow, I learned so many things I never knew about Israel! Really changed my perception on the whole matter!’ My time spent as a Fellow has confirmed that being a pro-Israel activist and philanthropist will be a major part of my life moving forward!” 

-Adam Sapers, Northeastern University, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13

“Working as a CAMERA Fellow was one of the best experiences I had during my college career. They gave me all the resources I needed to enlighten USC students, faculty, and friends about the Middle East beyond what the mainstream media reports.”

-Jonathan Kalfus, University of Southern California, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13

“The greatest resource I used when working with CAMERA this year has been the facebook group. It is an amazing network of people from a wide range of locations, coming together to help each other solve and understand issues that happen on our campuses. It was extremely helpful to me especially since it gave me a resource to use when going up against Israel Apartheid Week for the first time on my campus.”

-Matt Wolf, Claremont Colleges, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13

“CAMERA’s rigorous Fellowship programme greatly improved my abilities as an Op-Ed writer. Both my Israel Advocacy club and myself have benefited from CAMERA’s help!”

-Zane Colt, University of Ottawa, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13

“Through CAMERA, I have been able to crystallize my views regarding the necessity of Israel’s existence, and have developed a profound confidence in my own abilities as a dutiful purveyor of truth.”

-Joshua Rutstein, University of Delaware, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13

“It has been an honor working with an institution devoted to the truth, always setting the record straight regarding the Jewish State in a meticulous and honest manner. With your guidance I have learned that the truth is the strongest advocate for Israel and the Israel trip was definitely an eye-opener for both mind and soul. The work CAMERA (which I was privileged to be a part of for an academic year) does is never over as Israel’s detractors never stop disseminating lies in today’s media.”

-David Axelrod, University of Minnesota, CAMERA Fellow ’12 – ’13

“I personally want to thank you and CAMERA for its outstanding support and hard work in bringing this event about. I am fully confident that the reason anti-Israel sentiment is diminishing and almost nonexistent on my campus this semester is due to the opportunities CAMERA has provided my university. Thank you, for everything.”

-Robert Erik Baker, Oklahoma University, CAMERA Fellow ’10 – ’11

“My involvement in CAMERA led me to create the first Israel group on campus, Bobcats for Israel. The creation of it had a lot to do with what I was doing with CAMERA, because being a fellow gave me more confidence that I could make a group like this one work on our campus – and it’s been very successful so far.”

-Rachel Zieleniec, University of Ohio, CAMERA Fellow ’08 – ’09




“My trip with CAMERA to Israel and the West Bank showed me Israel’s heart literally and figuratively. It didn’t matter that I already probably knew a million and one facts about Israel because I got a chance to see – not to hear or to read about – Israel on the inside. Hearing from analysts, policymakers, military personnel, reporters, historians, as well as everyday people provided me with an invaluable opportunity to understand why Israel is what it is today. I got a chance to see the passion that these people have for Israel – something you probably wouldn’t see any time soon in a biased media. Their passion was evident through their speeches and expressions, but it didn’t stop there. Every street we passed by had hundreds of Israeli flags. The patriotism and devotion of Israelis and the speakers we encountered showed that they don’t give up hope for peace in spite of numerous problems and are proud of their country.”             

-Jordan Sack, Brown University Israel Trip Participant ’09


“I wanted to thank CAMERA again for allowing me to participate in the trip! It was incredible!”
 Shoshana Weiss, Drexel University CAMERA Fellow ’10 – ’11 and Dragons for Israel CCAP Liaison ’11 – ’13
“I felt it was important to write to you and explain what a great impact the trip and entire experience has had on me since. I am currently working as an intern in Israel at a news broadcasting company. During your ten day course I was able to learn how to counter campus media bias and developed a better understanding of its effect on public opinion. Learning how to be a critical media consumer has allowed me to become an even better news reporter. Few individuals in America have direct experiences with events in Israel…The knowledge I gained throughout the CAMERA trip has truly been beneficial to my current work in the media and within Israel. I want to thank you for the opportunity and experience, it was more than I could have expected.”
-Andrea Smith, Israel Trip Participant ’09
“The promotion of hate-education against Israel and the free western world in Arab media as presented by the organization MEMRI.org has been absolutely appalling. The unreasonable bias in the Arab media and the disturbing rhetoric of fundamentalist clerics and diplomats must continue to be translated, publicized, and considered by every supporter of human rights and every advocate of liberty. Most college students who are active on their campuses are concerned about fairness and freedom and civil rights. Spending time in Israel with CAMERA, and learning about Israel’s challenge to be justly represented in the media has been both frustrating and enlightening. If only we could tell the world how Israelis dread sending their children into the army. If only we could explain the profound struggles and amazing perseverance of Israeli children, who live in a free state where they know their neighbors are not so free and are full of hate. Where the constant fear of a rocket attack looms in their minds. If only we can explain how Israel is still fighting for her very existence against a suffering people lead by unproductive, self-victimizing, and barbaric regimes, who prefer to destroy instead of build. If we can get this truth across on college campuses, we can make a significant difference in turning the tide of public opinion. I am grateful to CAMERA for its assistance and encouragement and I intend to make a difference. From every aspect, the program was absolutely amazing! I have become an avid spokesperson for CAMERA and will definitely recommend the program to people back in the States.”

-Jesse Shore, Yeshiva University Israel Trip Participant ’09

 “I would like to say thank you again, I had an absolutely unforgettable experience in Israel.”
-Ariella Charny, Tufts University CAMERA Fellow ’10 – ’11
 “The CAMERA fellows trip was so helpful for me in a variety of ways.  First, it provided me with a wonderful opportunity to do research and learn from people who experience the conflict firsthand, from people who are directly involved in problem solving and media-monitoring.  I was able to ask very specified questions and have access to data I would not have had otherwise.  It was also a very helpful trip in that I was around people who cared about Israel and its preservation as much as I do, which reminded me that I am not as alone as I feel when I am working for Israel in ultra-lefty western Massachusetts.  I am very grateful to CAMERA for organizing the trip, and even more so for having the opportunity to experience it.”
-Samantha Mandeles, Hampshire College Israel Trip Participant ’09
“The trip was INCREDIBLE, so much more than I expected. The speakers were amazing.  We were really treated like important professionals and it really gave me the impression of how important our job is as Israel advocates on campus. Several of the speakers stressed how crucial it is for us to influence the future leaders of the world to make sure Israel maintains good international relations and public opinion. I would recommend this trip over any other trip I have been on or heard about, especially for dedicated Israel advocates and leaders. I wish more students could get a spot on the trip, because it really inspired everyone to go back to campus and make a difference.”
-Brian Shaposhnik, Wilfrid Laurier University CAMERA Fellow ’11 – ’12
“I was incredibly impressed with the trip for so many reasons. Not only were the speakers analytical and insightful, but also they were well chosen and could really connect with us. I especially loved when we were out moving around and learning about the politics and geography by experiencing it. Riding around Jerusalem on a geopolitical tour, seeing the checkpoints firsthand, looking at Silwan and East Jerusalem from Ir David, and standing in the north and gazing out over southern Lebanon were powerful experiences for me. After spending so long hearing about these places in textbooks and newspapers, actually seeing them helped reinforce my feelings about Israel. The trip challenged me but was definitely a highlight of my summer–I learned so much from everyone we interacted with and I return back to my college equipped with so many new resources. A huge thank you to CAMERA and Legacy Heritage; I never would have gotten to experience this without all of your help and I’m excited to go back to Oberlin and inspire my peers to become Israel advocates.”

-Leah Goldman, Oberlin College, CAMERA Fellow ’10 – ’11

“The Summer 2011 CAMERA trip to Israel was one of the best I have ever been on. It was highly organized, time efficient, informative and, perhaps most importantly, a lot of fun. CAMERA brought great speakers to educate us about the intricacies of Israel and the conflict. My two personal favorite speakers were Israel Kimhi and Sgt. Benjamin Anthony. Mr. Kimhi’s knowledge of Jerusalem was more than impressive; it was inspiring. If the conflict is ever resolved, it will be because of people like Mr. Kimhi who know the most minute details. Sgt. Anthony was inspiring, but for a different reason. The moral, religious, and logical case he made for Israel is not one you often hear, and it was refreshing to hear it made.” 

-Noah Glyn, Rutgers University, CAMERA Fellow ’10 – ’11

“I just wanted to again express my thanks for the CAMERA Israel Trip. I learned a lot, met some cool people, and had a great time!”
-Ari Hoffman, University of Arizona Israel Trip Participant, ’12
 “I loved the CAMERA Fellows trip so much! I learned so much information from top speakers that I can use on campus later. But even more than the learning, it was amazing to be with 20 others who care just as much about Israel and have worked just as hard as I do. Most of us are used to being one of a few or the only ones on our campuses that care about Israel. For the first time we were able to be with others that had the same connections, which is so difficult to find on our campuses. Being in Israel after a year of working hard to promote the country we all love made us realize that the work was definitely worth it and motivated us to continue our activism. I feel so proud to be a CAMERA fellow and this was an experience that inspired me and changed me.”

-Molly Bloom, Bradley University CAMERA Fellow, ’08 – ’09


“Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel with CAMERA. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the speakers you arranged for us to hear. I learned a lot and truly believe that I can enhance the GW pro-Israel community thanks to the trip.”

-Ari Hoffman, George Washington University Israel Trip Participant ’10

“Working with CAMERA to bring informative speakers to campus and personally study Israel’s challenges provided a lot of information, strategies to be a better pro-Israel advocate, and social connections with other activists at various campuses across the U.S. This combination will serve me well in my future pro-Israel endeavors and no doubt have a strong ripple effect.”

-Itamar Gnatt, University of Maryland Baltimore County Israel Trip Participant ’13

“The CAMERA Leadership trip was one of my favorite trips to Israel. Being surrounded by so many Israel advocates who are so passionate about Israel really makes you love the country even more. I would highly recommend everyone who is eligible to go on this trip!”

-Johnathan Kalfus, University of Southern California Fellow and Israel Trip Participant ’13

“I am grateful that CAMERA provided me the opportunity to see Israel in an entirely different way than ever before. It was incredible to listen to so many well informed speakers and visit various important historic sights. After this trip I feel more confident than ever in my ability to accurately and confidently defend the State of Israel on my college campus.”

-Daniel Mael, Brandeis student Israel Trip Participant ’13

“It was truly inspiring and empowering that the trip planners set up lectures and discussions with some of Israel’s most prominent policy makers, journalists, and other leaders. I have never seen so many students so excited and passionate about making sure the media accurately reports about Israel, and I am confident that we will take what we learned on our trip and turn our passion, new knowledge and empowerment into articles, conversations, and lives whereby we serve as knights to protect and assert the truth about Israel’s history and future.”  
-Adina Goodman, Columbia University Israel Trip Participant ’10

 “I want to thank you so much for the trip, it was life changing.”
-Bracha Strauss, Oakton Community College CAMERA Fellow ’08 – ’09
“Truly an impressive array of speakers — all provided differing perspectives on a variety of topics with respect to politics, geopolitics, and international relations in the Middle East. Further, the itinerary provides a great balance between fun and learning, and provides an open environment by which students can discuss disparate campus atmospheres. So thankful I was given this opportunity to meet speakers, stay at awesome hotels, and eat great food in the homeland!”

-Soraya Hoberman, University of California, Berkeley CAMERA Fellow ’11 – ’12 and Israel Trip Participant ’13


 “The trip was AMAZING, and as I write now from my cousins’ house in Kfar Saba, I’m again starting to appreciate how cool it was to do all of those exciting, unconventional activities and to hear from such interesting speakers (and of course to eat at 5-star restaurants). Thanks again for all the work you put into it!”  
-Rafael Grinberg, Princeton University CAMERA Fellow ’08 – ’09
“First, let me thank you for an amazing experience. The subjects that were touched by the different speakers, and the wide spectrum of approaches and opinions that were presented and discussed by the speakers and participants has helped me articulate my own feelings and opinions about Israel and its place among the nations. This well-thought and carefully organized mission to Israel has went  beyond my all my expectations. It is an experience I will always remember and has gained a lot from.”

-Abir I. Gitlin, University of Miami CAMERA Fellow ’12-’13 and Israel Trip Participant ’13


 “Our ten days in Israel were packed with new people, information and experiences.   I arrived home with a much greater understanding of the critical issues facing Israel, and with the sense that I am now far better equipped to respond to criticism of Israel when I encounter it.  I am happy to have gotten to know so many amazing, smart, open-minded and creative individuals among the CAMERA fellows and staff, and I hope to be able to maintain these connections in the future.  I gained an incredible amount from the CAMERA fellowship.” 
-Sarah Stillman Bates, Israel Trip Participant ’08
“I wanted to say that the Israel trip was absolutely amazing. I was really impressed with the speakers and a lot of the places we visited (not to mention the accommodations and food…) and wish that it were still going on.”
-Michelle Peck, Vanderbilt University CAMERA Fellow ’08 – ’09 and Israel Trip Participant ’09
“It was definitely a life-changing experience.”
-Andrew Gillette, Elon University Israel Trip Participant ‘08


Student Leadership and Advocacy Training Conference

“I had gained the most skills out of this conference, out of all the student leadership conferences that I had attended. I am now proud to say that I feel comfortable to go back to campus and apply all of the excellent advertising, communication, and networking techniques that I learned in the sessions of the conference.”

-Leehe Negri, Florida Atlantic University Owls for Israel CCAP Liaison ’13 – ’14 

“Though the entire conference was fervently pro-Israel, it wasn’t propaganda in the slightest. Everything had a source, a purpose and a context. Thank you CAMERA for helping find the facts that will be our weapons in battle.”

-Michelle Soicher, Concordia University CAMERA Fellow ’13-’14 


“Thanks for an AMAZING training. I had an awesome time and I’m so pumped up now!”
-Eliana Rudee, Claremont Colleges CAMERA Fellow 2011-2012
“By attending this conference, the next generation of Jewish leaders and Israel advocates have become increasingly prepared for the battles that lie ahead.”

-Elliott Hamilton, Claremont Colleges CAMERA Fellow ’14 – ’15 

“CAMERA: where we talk with the lights off, but speak with an open mind and heart. Thank you all for everything you do. It’s so inspiring to see others that care as much as you do. AM ISRAEL CHAI!”

-Abraham Mercado, Flordia Atlantic University CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14 

“These days in Boston were incredible! I’ve not only learned a lot of information and skills, but also discovered a lot of outstanding people working for the same Jewish world I want to see. And that’s powerful.”

-Ilan Bajarlia, ORT University of Uruguay CAMERA Fellow ’13 – ’14  


“First off again thank you to you and Aviva for putting the entire conference on and I am still feeling honored that I was able to learn SO MUCH. I now feel much more confident when/if I need to rebuke what someone else is saying about Israel.”
Soraya Hoberman, University of California, Berkeley CAMERA Fellow ’11 – ’12 


“I would once again like to thank you for a really fun and informative weekend. I’m hoping to implement some of the ideas mentioned into our club and our events for the semester!”
-Ahuva Kohanteb, CUNY Brooklyn United 4 Israel CCAP Liaison ’11 – ’12

less hamas more hummus

“I want to personally thank you for including USF in the “Less Hamas More Hummus” program. It was an absolute reward to host Dr. Anat Berko. It was enlightening for the students to hear her speak about the dangers of terrorism. She gave a unique and diverse perspective by using case studies from Pakistan and Iraq. She also provided students with knowledge that they never possessed before about women and children who became shahids. The feedback from the students was amazing, and we would like to continue to be included in any of these events in the future.” 

Anat Valdman, Program Director of Florida Hillels of the Suncoast


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