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What Makes a Healthy Democracy

Justin Trudeau has been facing a major scandal for his alleged role in the SNC Lavalin matter – thankfully, our country is having an open discussion about it. Jodie Wilson, the former Attorney General, accused Trudeau of helping SNC Lavalin evade possible criminal prosecution for their possible corrupt dealings in...

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Five Components of Menachem Begin’s Legacy

Any Israel advocate or proud Jew will always benefit from learning more about Israeli history, including Israel’s leaders. Education is key to developing one’s own identity and essential for initiating dialogue and discussion with others. Tomorrow is Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin‘s birthday. One of the best ways to celebrate his life is by learning about his...

2 minute read

Israel Beyond the Conflict

Contributed by CAMERA fellow Avital Zenilman Pick a random student crossing North Charles Street or roaming around campus, and ask them a question about Israel. The common answer will most likely be related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and probably verbatim from the media. But no one seems to know about...

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

 What Martin Luther King Jr. had to say about Israel:   Online misconceptions on Martin Luther King Jr. and Israel: Electronic Intifada Continues to Struggle With Quotations MLK on Peace, Israeli Security and Anti-Zionism Hoax: Martin Luther King’s “Letter to an anti-Zionist Friend”

2 minute read

The Truth Behind Anti-Semitism

This article was contributed by Alabama State University CAMERA Fellow John Wright and was republished in The Algemeiner. Throughout the Middle East, there are many who feel as though Israel doesn’t have the right to exist as a nation and the Jews who inhabit her should be eradicated from the Earth. These sentiments are...

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