4 minute read

The Double Standard of Campus Equality

Photo: Rick Dikeman at English Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons When studying past dystopias in school, we assure ourselves that we would never have fallen for the same propaganda that brainwashed millions. We insist that we would have been abolitionists in America or would have protested against racism in apartheid South Africa. Legislation...

< 1 minute read

Protecting Pro-Israel and Jewish Voices Through Law

University students often fall victim to antisemitic and anti-Zionist discrimination on campus, yet most students don’t realize that they have legal rights to combat this behavior. Many universities consider Zionism as a solely political movement and fail to recognize that anti-Zionist rhetoric creates and often reinforces antisemitism on campus. Students...

2 minute read

Israel and the Civil Rights Movement

Contributed by CAMERA fellow Elana Zelden The black civil rights movement has a very similar origin to that of the Zionist movement. They both stem from discrimination that began due to race or ethnicity. These movements were responses to oppression in what should have been a free society, in the...

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