2 minute read

Sderot, Israel: Spread the Word

Contributed by CAMERA Intern Rebecca Pritzker: 15: The siren sounds. 14: Paralyzing panic. Frozen fingertips and suspended motion. 13: Mayhem. 12: Chaos. 11: Pandemonium. 10: Running. Everyone is running. 9: Children scurrying. Parents herding and carrying them. 8: Where is the nearest shelter? 7: Will I make it? 6: Will...

2 minute read

Israel: The Perpetual Homeland

Contributed by CAMERA Intern, Rebecca Pritzker: “A 21st Century Exodus: Dina’s Journey From Alexandria to Jerusalem” summarizes Dina Ovadia’s heartwarming life story – a story filled with harsh rejection, displacement, and eventually, homecoming. Dina Ovadia was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. She, like many other Egyptian children, went to...

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