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The CAMERA on Campus Team and Students End 2023 In Strength!
Silent Suffering: The Alarming Surge of Antisemitism in UK Higher Education
2023-2024 CAMERA Fellow Rojin-Sena Cantay on the campus of the University of Exeter. Rojin-Sena has been vocal about confronting rising campus antisemitism at Exeter. (Image Credit:

On the 7th of October, there were more Jews slaughtered in cold blood in one day than any day since the Holocaust. Palestinian terrorists and their supporters kidnapped Jewish babies, burnt them alive, ripped them from their mother’s wombs, and cooked one in an oven. After women were raped, entire families were murdered in their homes while terrorists burnt their houses to the ground, Hamas emphatically promised to repeat these crimes. Shockingly, not only has there been little condemnation of these acts internationally, but many have either called for these atrocities to continue or denied them outright.

Since the attack, antisemitic hate crimes in the UK have recorded the highest increases. The radicalism of pro-Palestinian rhetoric has created a dangerous campus environment which is indicative of broader institutional failure within UK higher education. Universities have become arenas for people to spew antisemitic hatred under the guise of academic freedom or “moral” virtue without consequence. It is undeniable that Jewish students are routinely targeted in universities.

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The War Against Israel Came to My Campus, But We Won’t be Silenced
2023-2024 Binghamton University CAMERA Fellow Aviad Levy

On Wednesday, November 15, the Binghamton University Zionist Organization (BUZO) hosted an educational event in the university’s lecture hall with a pro-Israel speaker from StandWithUs. As members of the BUZO executive board arrived to prepare the space for the event, they were met with a shocking sight: The room was littered with posters and flyers denouncing Israel and Zionism.

This wasn’t surprising. Since the horrific attack on southern Israel by Hamas on October 7, and the subsequent war against Hamas, anti-Zionist student groups at BU, including Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), have participated in a campaign  to disseminate anti-Israel propaganda on campus.

While we can’t prove who placed the anti-Israel propaganda flyers in the lecture hall, it is undeniable that these student groups have contributed to a hostile climate on campus.

One of the flyers pasted across the lecture hall stated the following, “the brave students standing up for Palestine are taking action, united and intransigent, against a US-backed genocide.”

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CAMERA on Campus at the 2023 JNF Global Summit
Managing Director for CAMERA on Campus, Douglas Sandoval and Senior Campus Advisors, Adam Gordon and Walter Holzberg attended the 2023 Jewish National Fund (JNF) Global Summit in Denver, Colorado from November 30th to December 3rd meeting students from across North America and Israel.
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CAMERA Fellows Hear from Pro-Israel Activist and Journalist Emily Schrader
On Sunday, December 10th, 2023, Senior Correspondent at Ynet News, ILTV Anchor and Social Lite Creative Founder, Emily Schrader gave the 2023-2024 Cohort of CAMERA Fellows, an exclusive briefing on how to maximize the impact of their campus and social media activism. CAMERA on Campus offers fellows exclusive access to must-have resources for making an impact, including private briefings, reports and educational materials. Learn more about the CAMERA Fellowship at
Northeastern University Coalition Group, Huskies for Israel Hosts Law Professor Thane Rosenbaum on “Proportionality in War”
On December 4th, Huskies for Israel hosted esteemed law professor Thane Rosenbaum of Touro University to discuss the ongoing Hamas-Israel War, primarily discussing common misconceptions surrounding Israel’s response to the aggression and brutality of Hamas.
2023-2024 NYU CAMERA Fellow, Isabel Golberg hosts Activist and Scholar Yoni Michanie to discuss the problem of campus antisemitism
2023-2024 NYU Stern CAMERA Fellow, Isabel Goldberg
On December 1st, NYU Stern CAMERA Fellow, Isabel Goldberg hosted geopolitical analyst and scholar, Yoni Michanie to discuss the rise of pro-Hamas campus antisemitism. Twenty students were in attendance, a stimulating conversation with attendees followed Yoni Michanie’s remarks.
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