Overcoming Campus Challenges in 2024
CAMERA Fellow Laela Saulson Trains Michigan State Students on Media Monitoring and Op-ed Writing

On January 20th, Michigan State University CAMERA Fellow Laela Saulson hosted an intensive training on how to find reliable and accurate reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the most effective process for editing and publishing Op-eds and letters to the editor. The CAMERA Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to become a campus ambassador for the truth.

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Huskies for Israel at Northeastern Kicks off Spring 2024

On January 18th, Huskies for Israel, a pro-Israel campus student group at Northeastern University who participates in the CAMERA on Campus Coalition program held a welcome back to campus event inviting students to an authentic Israeli-style dinner, fellowship and a brief presentation.

Huskies for Israel and their allies pose for a photo at an October 2023 rally. (Image Credit: Huskies for Israel Instagram page)
Read the latest from GW CAMERA Fellow Sabrina Soffer: The Past of Mizrahi Jews Has Lessons for the Present
2023-2024 George Washington University CAMERA Fellow Sabrina Soffer (Image Credit: Sabrina Soffer)

The foods and spices that enriched my childhood — malojahea, fasulia, labneh and za’atar — are unfamiliar to most of my Jewish peers at GW. Despite sharing common words and phrases, our prayer tunes hardly harmonize. And when I share my grandfather’s story, their eyes widen and jaws drop: a Jew from Egypt?

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The Anti-Zionist Distortion of History to Justify Terrorism
2023-2024 University of Exeter CAMERA Fellow, Rojin-Sena Cantay Image Credit: The Telegraph (UK)

Exeter PhD candidate, Zarefah Baroud, has a history of using emotionally charged language and historical revisionism to demonise Israel.

It comes as no surprise that the same person who cheered Hamas’s massacre of Israelis on Oct. 7 and denounced Israel’s response, wrote an opinion piece for Al Jazeera in 2022 that relied on blatant historical distortions related to the 1948 war of Independence and the Palestinian Refugee crisis to argue that Israel is the cause of all Palestinian suffering.

It’s sad to hear that some of her family members perished during the current Hamas-initiated war. However, her reliance on the outright lies that Israel forcibly expelled all Arabs during the 1948 war and is now legally obligated to allow the return of their descendants essentially justifies modern Palestinian terrorism.

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An Invidious UK: Academia’s anti-Israel Influence from Grassroots to Bureaucrats
The Maughan Library at the King’s College, London University campus Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Patrick Schnecker is a 2023-2024 CAMERA Fellow at King’s College, London (KCL). Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In recent years, UK universities’ student-led groups, such as the Palestine Society at SOAS, have clearly imposed dominating anti-Israel rhetoric, making it a normal standard for many more academic institutions around the country.

In 2020, the Universities of Oxford, Manchester, and Leeds were publicly shamed and condemned by various anti-Israel movements, claiming that their exchange programs with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are only funding and supporting a state whose actions are allegedly “contrary to international law”.

This is a direct step from the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement towards the formation of less welcoming university campuses for Israeli, Jewish, and Zionist students. This organization, which over time, has proven its radical antisemitic nature, is the core of growing anti-Israel movements on university campuses all around the world.

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California College Professors Bashed Israel; Here’s What They Got Wrong
Anti-Zionist California-based professors push their propaganda message in Fall 2023 academic webinar. Image Credit: Screen Grab from Zoom Video Feed
2023-2024 Hebrew University of Jerusalem CAMERA Fellow Chaim Friedman
The moderator, Associate Professor Sang Hea Kil of San Jose State University’s justice studies department, held Israel entirely responsible for the current situation in the Gaza Strip, stating that “the Israeli regime is capitalizing on the October 7th military incursion to create another ‘Nakba’, by forcing 1.1 million Gazans to forcibly leave their land, while simultaneously bombing them and preventing their escape to safe passage.” However, this cannot be farther from the truth. Israel ordered the evacuation of the civilian population of Gaza City, in accordance with the rules of law. Furthermore, it was Hamas who had been preventing the civilian population from evacuating towards the designated safe zones. Even after the civilians have successfully evacuated, this didn’t stop Hamas from using these safe zones to attack Israeli civilians.
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CAMERA on Campus participates in 2024 Club Z National Conference
Managing Director for CAMERA on Campus participated in pool-side tabling at the Club Z Conference in Los Angeles.
Managing Director for CAMERA on Campus poses with students at a CAMERA training session at the Club Z Conference in Los Angeles.
Spanning January 12th-15th, Club Z hosted their National Conference in Los Angeles. CAMERA on Campus partnered with Club Z to offer students scenario-based training to respond to incidents of campus antisemitism through speech and writing with Douglas Sandoval, Managing Director for CAMERA on Campus leading two student breakout sessions. Additionally, Douglas tabled at the conference, answering questions from parents and student participants and educating conference attendees of the tremendous benefit that stem from CAMERA on Campus’s flagship fellowship and coalition group programs.
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CAMERA Fellows Hear from Anne Herzberg, Legal Advisor for NGO Monitor
On January 21st, the 2023-2024 CAMERA Fellows received a special briefing from NGO-Monitor’s Legal Advisor, Anne Herzberg. This Jerusalem-based NGO exposes international corruption and bias towards the Arab-Israeli conflict. Amid the prevalent anti-Israel propaganda on campuses from NGOs like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and within the United Nations, Anne’s session was timely. The fellows engaged with insightful questions throughout.
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If you are interested in educating your peers about Israel on campus, correcting misinformation regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict and strengthening your writing or event planning skills, consider applying for one of CAMERA on Campus’s flagship programs described below.
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The CAMERA on Campus Coalition provides educational and financial resources for student activists who want to either create a new Israel group on campus or strengthen their existing, but underfunded group. CAMERA on Campus provides guidance and extensive resources to help you build an effective, independent Israel group on campus. Members of the CAMERA on Campus Coalition learn life-long skills in debate, writing, and public speaking, and benefit from close collaboration with CAMERA on Campus staff and CAMERA researchers. Click here to apply to become a member of the CAMERA on Campus Coalition.
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