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Newsletter – Spring 2023
2023 CAMERA Gala – June 4
Announcing the 2023 David Bar-Illan Student Awardees
We are pleased to announce that McGill University CAMERA Fellow, Jonah Fried, will receive the 2023 David Bar-Ilan Award for Outstanding Student Leadership. As CAMERA Fellow at McGill for two consecutive academic years, Fried published numerous articles in the Suburban, Quebec’s largest English language outlet, the Jerusalem Post, Canadian Jewish News, and exposing campus antisemitism and academic bias. In 2022, he successfully led the charge against a major anti-Israel referendum. Fried has made a tremendous impact at McGill University through his campus activism.
Members of Huskies for Israel (HFI), a CAMERA on Campus Coalition group at Northeastern University, will receive the 2023 David Bar-Ilan Award for Outstanding Campus Activism. This year, HFI hosted numerous large-scale events, attracting a diverse audience of students from all walks of life and boldly challenging anti-Israel narratives. CAMERA Fellow and president of Huskies for Israel, Joshua Abrams, will receive the award on behalf of Huskies for Israel.
This Is Zionism
CAMERA on Campus Launches Campaign to Speak the Truth and Celebrate Israel
CAMERA on Campus’ This is Zionism campaign prepares and unites a vast network of CAMERA fellows, coalition group members, and supporters to speak the truth where it must be heard most. This month, CAMERA Fellow Kylie Heering hosted This is Zionism campaign partner Yoseph Haddad at UCLA. To learn more about our campaign, visit
CAMERA Joins European Community Leaders at Annual European Jewish Association Conference
CAMERA UK Communications Associate Christina Jones presented at the European Jewish Association (EJA) conference in Porto, Portugal. Over 100 Jewish leaders from across the EU and UK attended. #EJAPorto23
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 A Message from an Israeli Soldier
Through my nearly three years of serving in Sayeret Givati, a special forces unit of the IDF, I witnessed and participated in numerous counter-terror operations to protect Israeli civilians — Jewish and non-Jewish — against terrorism. After my time in the IDF, I returned to America to join another ongoing battle for the truth — this time on America’s college campuses. —Aaron Goren, campus advisor for the West CoastRead Aaron’s latest reflections in the Algemeiner.
 Educating Future Leaders
From providing training workshops to Club Z students (see the image on the left) to partnering with the One Family Fund on a Yom HaZikaron Memorial to educating the Sephardic Community Alliance’s teenage consortium on how to identify media bias, CAMERA on Campus staff are honored to work with and compliment the many dedicated Zionist organizations operating across North America, the UK and Israel.
A Conversation about the IDF’s Humanitarian Efforts
On May 24th, Tel Aviv University CAMERA Fellow Miriam Blum interviewed IDF search and rescue intelligence officer Yuval Klein over Instagram Live. Klein discussed Israel’s rescue missions in Miami after the Surfside condominium collapse in 2021 and, most recently, in Turkey after a massive earthquake struck the country in February 2023.
Apartheid Week Exposed
The Lies and Libels of Israeli Apartheid Week
In 2021, CAMERA on Campus began a yearly campaign refuting the lies spread during “Israeli Apartheid” Week. The campaign addresses claims propagated by Students for Justice in Palestine. This year, BUZO (Binghamton University Zionist Organization), a CAMERA on Campus Coalition member group, supported the campaign. Click here to read Binghamton University CAMERA Fellow Hannah Kirsch’s decisive refutation of “Israeli Apartheid” Week propaganda. To learn more about the Apartheid Week Exposed campaign, visit
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Untold Stories
On May 21st, Duke University CAMERA, Alexandra Ahdoot, hosted Zionist activist, Hen Mazzig. In an article published in the Times of Israel, Adhoot shared her reasons for hosting Mazzig: “To me, the key feature of this event was the uniqueness of Mazzig and his stories. Hearing these untold stories and diverse perspectives about Israel is especially important in today’s day and age, as so many of these are hidden or distorted by misinformation and bias within the media.”
Who Gets to Talk about Israel?
In his latest editorial published in student newspaper ROAR News, CAMERA UK Fellow Saul Levene at the King’s College London chronicles and condemns efforts by anti-Zionist hate groups to chill pro-Israel speech at KCL: “Any credence is given to Israelis or to Zionism…has been quashed among the student community. This intolerance extends to any kind of alternative narrative, from Israelis having the ability to defend themselves against acts of terrorism, to even approaches to ending the conflict peaceably. Read the full story here.
Responding to “Palestinian Oppression”

Georgia Institute of Technology CAMERA Fellow, Talia Segal, published a response to a biased report in the campus paper Technique promoting an anti-Zionist presentation by the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

“A recent article in the Technique titled ‘Tech MSA holds event on Palestinian awareness’ is riddled with falsehoods about the State of Israel.” wrote Segal. “Its criticism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism is a slap in the face to the Jewish community at Georgia Tech.” she continued.

Follow this link to read Talia Segal’s article published in the Technique, the official campus paper for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Demystifying Israeli Apartheid Week
CAMERA Fellow at Yeshiva University, Jonathan Levin, published an article in the Yeshiva University campus paper, The Commentator; Levin educated his peers on some of the most common myths surrounding Israeli Apartheid Week and urged his fellow Zionists to support and defend Israel against the libelous campaign taking place on New York City campuses.
CAMERA on Campus UK Conference Trains Students on How to Respond Effectively to “Israeli Apartheid” Week

On Sunday, March 6th, CAMERA on Campus held an exclusive summit with top student leaders from the University College London, King’s College London, Durham University, University of Hertfordshire, University of East Anglia, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

The conference program emphasized numerous topics, including media bias, Jewish indigeneity, and addressing the falsehoods spread during “Israeli Apartheid Week,” a campaign run by Students for Justice in Palestine chapters where they flood campuses with anti-Israel propaganda. To read our press release, click here.


For nearly ten years, CAMERA has celebrated Zionism as part of our “This is what a Zionist Looks Like” campaign. This year we are excited to relaunch these efforts as “This is Zionism.” and continue our legacy of profiling and uplifting Zionist voices.

Take it from Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) National Outreach Director Destiny Albritton:

“Zionism is a universal movement that isn’t just confined to Judaism! CAMERA on Campus and ICC are proud to collaborate as part of the newly revamped #ThisIsZionism campaign.”

“This Is Zionism” is a CAMERA on Campus Instagram project that aims to show the world that Zionists come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests. We showcase different Zionists, their stories, their interests, and their beliefs.To be featured in our  #ThisIsZionism campaign, please follow this link.
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