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Newsletter – May 2022
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Congratulations to our 2022 David Bar-Illan Awardees

Maya Reuven received the David Bar-Illan Award for Outstanding Student Activism. A recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, Maya served as a CAMERA Fellow during the 2019-2020 academic year and since then continued to expose UC Berkeley’s Bears for Palestine’s extremism through counter-protests, educational events, and article publications. and addressed the acceptance and support for terrorism against Israelis in the Bay Area.  

Aidan Segal received the David Bar-Illan Award for Outstanding Student Leadership. A recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Aidan served as a CAMERA Fellow during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years.  His in-depth coverage of campus antisemitism and detailed responses to lapses in journalistic and academic integrity embodies the spirit of CAMERA’s mission. 
Ending the Year with Incitement Against Israel
Over the last month, we saw headlines covering the Harvard Crimson’s Editorial Board’s public support for BDS to CUNY Law honoring the notorious extremist, violence-supporting Nerdeen Kiswani as their commencement speaker to Georgetown University graduates receiving their diplomas while holding signs advocating for “resistance until liberation and return.” It’s clear that Jewish students and their Zionist allies cannot be spared from anti-Zionist propaganda even while trying to focus on their final exams and celebrate their accomplishments of graduating from what was once seen as places of esteemed education and intellectual debate. Please follow this link to read our coverage of Kiswani’s commencement speech laden with the standard lies about the Israeli community and the shocking applause of approval she received from the present CUNY faculty and graduating class. Associate Director, Alex Safian’s, extensive rebuttal to the Crimson’s egregious support for the antisemitic BDS movement, can be found here.
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This Is What A Zionist Looks
Going beyond North America and the U.K., CAMERA on Campus’ “This Is What A Zionist Looks Like” campaign continued to be a success with CAMERA on Campus Israel. An additional half dozen events under this banner were held including an event at Tel Aviv University with over 100 students in attendance to hear from Together –  Vouch for Each Other founder, Yoseph Haddad.
“Operation Tzur Israel” Continues 
Eliana Rudee with her new friend, Mastora, at her home in Gondar, Ethiopia. Photo by Eliana Rudee CAMERA Fellow Alumna, Eliana Rudee, was one of five journalists asked to travel to Ethiopia ahead of the immigration of 180 Ethiopians to Israel. There, she met with many community members in their homes, marked the arrival of the new month in the Jewish calendar (Rosh Hodesh) with them in their synagogue, and shared with each other their mutual love for Israel. To read more about the different community members who immigrated to Israel last week from Ethiopia, please click here. To see highlights from Eliana’s travels, please follow her @foodierudee on Instagram.
CAMERA on Campus UK Launches Instagram Page
CAMERA on Campus UK is now on Instagram. Make sure to follow us @CAMERAonCampus_UK to read about our Fellows’ exposure of extremist propaganda at Britain’s universities and to learn more from CAMERA UK’s research department.
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Celebrating Israel with our Partners
Thanks to Northeastern University’s Birthright trip, JNF’s Alexander Muss Highschool’s end-of-the-year fair, IAC Mishelanu’s introduction to Jewish and Israeli campus life event, and the Chevra in Philadephia’s Israel Independence Day celebration, the CAMERA on Campus staff celebrated Israel within and outside the country with budding college Zionists and activists. 
Involved with an independent, student-run Israel group? Apply to become a member of the CAMERA on Campus Coalition!
Israel group and society members of the CAMERA on Campus Coalition learn life-long skills in debate, writing, and public speaking, and benefit from close collaboration with CAMERA scholars. If you are part of an independent Israel organization on your campus or want to start an Israel club, apply here!
“I am a Zionist because I’m a proud Jewish woman and I believe that the Jewish people have the right to live peacefully in Israel, our rightful homeland for thousands of years.” Thank you @step_up_fitness_with_robin!
“This Is What A Zionist Looks Like” is a CAMERA on Campus Instagram project that aims to show the world that Zionists come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests. We showcase different Zionists, their stories, their interests, and their beliefs.To be featured in our  #ThisIsWhatAZionistLooksLike campaign, please follow this link.
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