Exposing the Hatred
In recent weeks, our students and staff have done incredible work exposing the bigotry and discrimination of those who aim to distort the conflict and demonize Israel. From Linda Sarsour at Dartmouth, to Breaking the Silence at Princeton, to Jewish Voice for Peace at Ohio State University, to Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Irvine, our team worked hard to expose and hold these groups accountable.
Darmouth Students Take On Linda Sarsour
Click here or on the video below to watch student Zack Porter confront BDS supporter Linda Sarsour over her sexist and violent remarks against female genital mutilation (FGM) victim Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The video went viral on Twitter and Facebook, with thousands of retweets and hundreds of shares. We were happy to help Dartmouth Students for Israel prepare fliers with information exposing Linda Sarsour’s hypocrisy which were handed out at the event and used by Porter to confront her. Sarsour has since blocked CAMERA on Campus on Twitter. Prior to this event, our students asked Dartmouth’s Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL) to co-sponsor a talk by Izzy Ezagui, a disabled IDF veteran. Showing how truly non-pluralistic it is, OPAL refused to co-sponsor the talk, yet went ahead with sponsoring a talk by Linda Sarsour.
To continue reading about CAMERA’s two major successes at Dartmouth College, including the resignation of a BDS-supporting dean, click here.
Campus Coordinator and UC Irvine Alumna Katrin Gendova Wants SJP Held Accountable
Midwest Campus Coordinator Katrin Gendova, an alumna of UC Irvine, has had enough. SJP at UC Irvine continues to aggressively demonstrate against Israeli speakers again and again, most recently this past May. Read her article below.
To read more of Midwest Campus Coordinator Katrin Gendova’s article on why SJP must be held accountable, click here.
Princeton CAMERA Fellow Responds to Breaking the Silence
When J Street U invited Breaking the Silence to speak at Princeton University, CAMERA Fellow Leora Eisenberg responded with an op-ed which was published in her campus paper, The Daily Princetonian. The piece was subsequently picked up by two leading media outlets, The Algemeiner and The Huffington Post. Read her article below.
To continue reading this article on Breaking the Silence at Princeton University by CAMERA Fellow Leora Eisenberg, click here. 

Leora’s article was republished at The Algemeiner and an extended version of her article was published at The Huffington Post.
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CAMERA Fellow Rebecca Zagorsky Slams Jewish Voice for Peace at Ohio State University

At Ohio State University, the school’s Jewish LGBTQ group, B’nai Keshet, shockingly co-sponsored an event with JVP — a Purim drag show to raise money for LGBTQ refugees. Read CAMERA Fellow Rebecca Zagorsky’s article below on why any collaboration with JVP cannot be tolerated.

To continue reading CAMERA Fellow Rebecca Zagorsky’s article on JVP’s hidden agenda, click here.

On June 7, 1967 (28 Iyar) Israeli paratroopers advanced through the Old City of Jerusalem toward the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, reunifying Judaism’s capital city after 19 years of division under Jordanian occupation. This CAMERA video marks the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem and counters the media myths that continue to slander the city.

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