3 minute read

The Forgotten Refugees (2005)

Director: Michael Grynzspan
Producer: Ralph Avi Goldwasser

"The Forgotten Refugees" is an exceptional documentary that addresses one of the least recognized refugee groups of the 20th century—the nearly one million Jews from Arab countries and Iran who were either forcibly expelled from their homes or otherwise compelled to leave.

3 minute read

The Inner Tour (2001)

Director: Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

"The Inner Tour" follows a group of Palestinians on a three-day bus tour in Israel. By narrowing his focus to the personal feelings of the travelers and injecting no corrective commentary, challenge or background information, the director gives viewers a severely skewed picture of a complex and difficult subject.

4 minute read

The Long Way Home (1997)

Director: Mark Jonathan Harris

The film highlights the personal accounts of several survivors, tying them into the larger narrative of events in postwar Europe and Palestine. It documents the unflagging efforts of others who helped them rebuild their lives in Palestine in the face of callous indifference by the international community.

8 minute read

Jenin, Jenin / Road to Jenin

Director: Mohammed Bakri

Bakri charges Israel committed genocide in Jenin, killing untold numbers of civilians. The diametrically opposed view, as represented in another documentary, Road to Jenin, depicts a moral Israeli army fighting a just war against armed Palestinians in a hotbed of terrorism which spawned more than half the suicide bombings against...

3 minute read

The Silent Exodus (2004)

Director: Pierre Rehov

French filmmaker Pierre Rehov, best known for his expose "The Road to Jenin," has also made an excellent film called "The Silent Exodus" on Jewish refugees from Arab countries. This 2004 film is largely in French and Hebrew with English subtitles, and it covers much of the same historical ground...

6 minute read

Writers on the Borders (2004)

Director: Samir Abdullah, Jose Reynes

Film is essentially a propaganda film designed to inflame public opinion against Israel. The film likens Israel to the South African apartheid state, compares Israelis to Nazis and presents Palestinians as the tragic, blameless victims of Israeli brutality.

4 minute read

The Monster Among Us (2008)

Director: Allen Mondell, Cynthia Salzman Mondell

Anti-Semitism has surfaced on university campuses, in the media, on the streets, at political demonstrations, on the internet and in seemingly innocent social situations. Jews from all walks of life in six different European countries tell of being attacked in their neighborhoods, of cemeteries desecrated, of synagogues burned, of being...

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