3 minute read

Décryptage (2002)

Director: Jacques Tarnero, Philippe Bensoussan

French media coverage, marred by extreme anti-Israel bias and unabashed pro-Palestinian partisanship, is considered a central factor in the recent upsurge in French anti-Semitism.

8 minute read


Director: Yoav Shamir

Defamation is a hit piece on the Jewish community and on supporters of Israel. It is no wonder that it has been enthusiastically endorsed on various neo-Nazi internet web sites. The film does raise many troubling questions, though not the ones Shamir intended.

20 minute read

Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs

Director: Norma Percy

As with so many previous BBC documentaries on the Middle East, the latest effort, Elusive Peace, is yet another wasted opportunity. As in its tendentious predecessors, Palestinian officials like Saeb Erekat are trotted out over and over again as disappointed peacemakers. The documentary also manages to interview not a single...

4 minute read

Heart of Jenin

Director: Lior Geller, Marcus Vetter

The film falls short of its promise by hewing to a narrow story line that omits crucial context. The entire story of Ismael Khatib's humane decision to donate his son's organs could not have taken place without the intercession of Israeli doctors and medical staff, the unseen heroes, who continue...

2 minute read

Impact of Terror

Director: Tim Wolochatiuk

A moving documentary about Israeli victims of terror struggling to cope in the aftermath of the Aug. 9, 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem. It effectively maps out the victims’ scars –both physical and emotional – and humanizes the personal struggles of individuals who are often unnamed in news reports...

3 minute read

In the Line of Fire

Director: Patricia Naylor

The earlier version of the film — interspersed throughout with the same graphic film clip of a wounded Palestinian journalist shown in slow motion — was a study in subjective, one-sided reporting. The newer PBS version was cut by more than half but still shares many of the same problems...

5 minute read

Jimmy Carter Man from Plains

Director: Jonathan Demme

The documentary glosses over challenges to the accuracy of the book, and instead frames the controversy as mostly revolving about the Carter's use of the word "apartheid" in the title. Again and again, the film shows interviewers asking about the title. Again and again, we hear Carter's rehearsed response. The...

4 minute read

Munich (2005)

Director: Steven Spielberg

This film is about the murder of Israeli Olympic athletes and the effort to track down the crime's masterminds. In Munich there are no Palestinians clamoring for the destruction of Israel - as all Palestinian groups did then. Tony Kushner, a playwright brought in by Spielberg, has repeatedly called the...

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