This post was contributed by CAMERA intern Elisa Greenberg.


The United Nations is meant to be an international peace-making, aid-granting, world-bettering organization. Yet, instead, UN agencies such as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are actively engaged in perpetuating violence against Jews and Israel by the Islamist terrorist group Hamas. Even worse, the United States, Canada, England, Norway and the EU have by extension helped to fund these activities in the form of UNWRA summer camps in Gaza, Jerusalem, Nablus and Jenin. At these camps, children are infused with hatred; they are taught that murdering Jews and Christians will solve their problems, that it is an honor to be a martyr. Their camp counselors teach hate, rather than the idea of a peaceful future. The slogan for UNWRA summer camps is supposedly “Peace starts here,” however, it seems that these camps work towards the opposite by teaching children that war is the answer to the conflict.

Quotes from students (statements, songs, cheers) include:

  • “Long live Palestine!”
  • “We are the swords and the joy.”
  • “When we die as martyrs, we go up to heaven.”
  • “My mother tells her neighbor ‘Take stones! Throw them at the Israeli patrol.’”
  • “I will defeat the Jews. They are a gang of infidels and Christians.”
  • “Palestine is an Arab land from the river to the sea.”

Camp counselors are heard teaching:

  • “With God’s help and our own strength, we will wage war and education and jihad will return.”
  • “Jews are wolves.”
  • “Whose father or brother is a martyr or is in prison?”

In a disturbing YouTube clip, Camp Jihad, posted by David Bedein, small children in UNRWA summer camps are seen being taught to hate Jews and Christians and to “wage war” on the “infidels.”

In the video, when asked which games they play, one boy responded “Palestinians against Jews. We shoot each other”.



Children are taught to say that they are from cities that they have never even visited in order to instill a sense of animosity towards the Jewish people and the state of Israel. They are taught that the Jews threw their family out of their homes and their current problems are, therefore, a direct result of the Jewish people.

The Western world, which stands for peace and prosperity, is funding summer camps for Palestinian refugees in Israel that are instilling hatred in young children, making peace and a solution to the conflict more difficult to achieve.


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