Photo: Steve Cadman/Wikimedia Commons

CAMERA’s UK campus associate Georgia Leigha Leatherdale Gilholy

On February 3rd, the University College London Students Union’s Welfare & Community Zone held a special session on a proposal calling to support the UCL Academic Board Working Group’s December 2020 ‘Report on Racism and Prejudice. ‘ The report advised the College to rescind the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism (IHRA) adopted in 2019.

The vote was originally scheduled for January 26th, the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day. No Jewish Society members were formally invited or notified about the impending vote; only hearing about the session through word of mouth hours before it was scheduled to begin. No official agenda was sent out to the Jewish Society or SU committee members.

Click here to read the full article in Jewish News.

Contributed by CAMERA’s UK campus associate Georgia Leigha Leatherdale Gilholy.

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