In the face of terror and anti-Semitism, Israel does not cease to strive for peace. Despite many antisemitic threats, terrorist attacks and the BDS movement at the forefront, the Jewish people still manage to maintain their unwavering hope for peace.

An impressive line up of international artists performing in Israel, particularly in the face of the BDS movement, is one source of hope for Israelis.

Hitting off his “Wonderful Crazy Night Tour” in Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv a few weeks ago, Sir Elton John performed for his fourth time in Israel. Elton expressed appreciation to his fans and told the audience he “couldn’t have asked for a better audience or a nicer place to play.” That night, the audience of 40,000 people felt the love from John.


The rhythm of Tiny Dancer reverberated through the heart of Tel Aviv and the melody of Your Song lingered among the ears of the audience, reminding them this is exactly what Israel stands for. Celebrating life for all its worth—listening to superb music together as a multicultural democratic society—is exactly one of the great things Israel constantly strives for.

Following Elton John, more performers plan to make Israel one of their tour destinations as well despite criticism from the BDS movement. Among them are Wiz Khalifa who will be performing on June 25th and SIA who will be performing on August 11th.

On campuses, particularly in California, Israel is ruthlessly criticized. At California State University Long Beach, the 49ers for Israel decided to bring in some good Israeli vibes through music. They held a concert with Kosha Dillz, a Jewish rapper. This CAMERA-supported event succeeded in its goal “[to entertain] students at CSULB and celebrate Israeli culture and music.”

Students at 49ers for Israel Event. Source: 49ers for Israel Facebook page.
Students at 49ers for Israel Event. Source: 49ers for Israel Facebook page.

The students could relate to Kosha Dillz and his music. As a Jewish rapper, Kosha Dillz knows very well what it is like to be attacked because of his identity—in 2014, ISIS briefly hacked his website. The haters can hate but there is no stopping Kosha Dillz. He is “proud of his heritage, and it shows” in his “great songs, great beats.”

Kosha Dillz at one of his concerts. Source: Kosha Dillz' Facebook Page.
Kosha Dillz at one of his concerts. Source: Kosha Dillz’ Facebook Page.

Music performances in Israel and Israeli music around the world helps to keep the Jewish spirit alive and dancing. Reigniting our hope, music calls us together to celebrate and strengthens us in our efforts for peace.

Contributed by CAMERA Intern Penina Simkovitz.

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