6 minute read

10 Tips for Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence (BTS) is an organization dedicated to revealing the ‘truth’ about the IDF. Loosely based on accounts of soldiers, BTS tries to highlight immoral incidents in the IDF. But after a recent Channel 10 investigation, Breaking the Silence can no longer be trusted as a reliable source. Here is a...

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Max Blumenthal Caught Spreading Lies (Again)

This entry is cross-posted from our Snapshots blog. This week, CAMERA analysts once again caught notorious anti-Israel blogger, Max Blumenthal, casually spreading lies on Twitter. As we posted in our CAMERA Snapshots blog, Blumenthal’s tweet in question was made in support of, and in elaboration of, another Twitter user’s claim that Ariel...

3 minute read

Responding to Talk-Back Haters

  In September, our letter about the “Blood-bucket challenge” at the University of Ohio was published in the University paper.  Predictably, comments on the article included mendacious, anti-Israel accusations. Our analysts decided not to let these lies slide, and so wrote a response to the talk-backs.  if you’ve ever been...

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