The state of Israel has been an ally to the United States of America since its’ birth in 1948. This has been a relationship that has been cultivated over decades and has proven mutually beneficial to both countries. Whether financially, militarily, medically, technologically etc., the partnership that has existed between these two countries has proven to be a positive force on the world stage. So much of what we do is impacted by Israel and he contributions they make to our society and the global community as a whole.

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Here on our campus, majority of students are business centered in their studies and there is a huge emphasis on keep up to date with the latest business news and breakthroughs. Israel is a huge player in the business world and in fact, they are known as the start-up nation. Start-ups’ are becoming more and more common, prevalent, and numerous among young businessmen and women as the next step to success. For example start-ups such as GetTaxi, an Israeli company akin to Uber, was founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv and is growing exponentially. They have spread to 32 cities across the U.S., U.K, France, and Israel and are a million dollar grossing company.

Not only this, but over 1,000 Israeli companies are present and active in the U.S. and providing over 100,000 jobs in over 40 states. The U.S. is also grossing almost 40 billion dollars a year since signing a Free-Trade agreement with Israel. Israel is one of the smallest countries and yet they are one of the top countries leading direct investments on U.S. soil and are one of the United States top 25 export destinations.

Aside for being deeply involved in the American economy and aiding in stimulating the financial landscape of the U.S., Israel is also leading in technological advancement. In fact, our iPhones contain Israeli technology. The flash storage technology, which optimizes the memory capability in many apple products such as the iPhone, was developed and established by a Herziliya-based company called Anobit. Some of the technology used to develop the high-power camera in iPhones was also developed by and Israeli-based

""Three array camera module design configurations for mobile devices, each having its unique properties and introducing new features." (Photo: Business Wire)" (Photo Source)
“”Three array camera module design configurations for mobile devices, each having its unique properties and introducing new features.” (Photo: Business Wire)” (Photo Source)

Company, LinX, which was acquired by apple for about 20 million dollars. Without Israeli influence and contribution to our society so many of the crucial things that we do would not be possible. From something as large scale as our economy to something as personal as our cell phone, Israel has etched a place in world progress and advancement. For that reason, Israel is a subject we should pay mind to and stay attentive to the innovative society that has aided in creating our modern environment from 6,000 miles away.


This was contributed by CUNY Baruch CAMERA Fellow Sivanna Shusterman.

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