Photo: Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira/Wikimedia Commons

2019-2020 University of Nottingham CAMERA Fellow Daniel Marcus

In my time as the Israel and campaigns officer on the board of the University of Nottingham Jewish Society, I set out with a simple goal: to foster positive and constructive conversation about Israel. My aim was to present as much information to my fellow students about Israel as possible; try to show them how I, as well as most Jews feel when they talk about Israel; and try to create an honest and pragmatic framework for discussion when addressing the ongoing conflict. I wasn’t interested in slogans and signposting – just good, honest, healthy discussion and debate. I thought that this would be an easy task, to bring intelligent and well thought-out conversation to an intellectual space… but I was mistaken. The task of hosting productive discussions about Israel on campus was possibly the most difficult I have ever undertaken in my life.

Click here to read the full article in The Times of Israel.

Contributed by 2019-2020 University of Nottingham CAMERA Fellow Daniel Marcus.

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