France’s new President Emmanuel Macron tweeted last week that he wanted France to be a ‘start-up nation’.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s tweet

Israel is known as the start-up nation, holding the record for the highest concentration of start-ups in the world and more companies listed on NASDAQ than the entire European continent combined!

Israel has 6,000 start-ups, a remarkable number, especially for its size. This level of innovation has vastly boosted the Israeli economy sparking $4.8 billion of venture capital investment in the country.

The reason many feel Israelis are so successful when it comes to start-ups is the military experience Israelis have, the fact that one in three are foreign-born, and the resilient nature of Israeli culture. 

France meanwhile has 9,000 start-ups, 3,000 more than Israel, though France’s population is 66 million compared to Israel’s more modest 8 million.

With all the economic and cultural benefits start-ups have given Israel, it is no wonder Emmanuel Macron wants to emulate Israel’s successes and turn France into a second ‘start-up nation!’

Contributed by Daniel Kosky, CAMERA Intern

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